Impacts and importance of Menstruation

It is commonly called as periods. It happens in women on  time break of 28 days. Here we have a detail account on impacts and importance of periods

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impacts and importance of periods


Woman has two ovaries, each holding an egg every month. Breaking the wall known as endometrium, it covers the wall of the ovary, egg with Bleeding or Blood release. When the egg is immature, the egg along with the lining tear and comes out as bleeding (blood). This action is in line for the chemical reaction in the body known as Hormones (Oestrogen and progesterone) They are released by pituitary gland of brain to activate the ovaries during reproductive cycle.


This study scheduled cycle is said to be called as Menstrual Cycle. Usually the menstrual cycle occurs in three phases: follicular, ovulatory and luteal. The follicular phase is the leading phase of menstrual cycle, where the pituitary gland discharges follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Each follicle holds an immature egg. Ordinarily, only one follicle will develope into an egg. The ovulation period of the menstrual cycle usually occurs on day 14. On the other hand, most of the women have dissimilar menstrual cycle lengths according to the body situation. In common, ovulation comes about 11 to 16 days before the upcoming period. Here ovary releases matured egg into the fallopian tube. The endometrium wall thickens well. It takes almost three to four days for the egg to pass in the direction of the uterus. Before an egg starts degenerating, the fertilization takes place within 24 hours. Later ovulation, the luteal stage of the menstrual cycle begins. The empty follicle turns into a corpusluteum . Progesterone helps  your uterine layer for the fertilization of egg. 

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impacts and importance of periods


If the woman became pregnant, the egg transfers into the uterus and attaches to the lining. If not pregnant, the lining layers in the uterus is comes out through the vaginal opening.

Stages or phases.

The period begins and a new menstrual cycle originates. This may take 1 to 5 days. This is said to be called menstrual phase and complete menstrual cycle.

• Follicular phase (From day 1 to 13)

• Ovulation phase (Day 14)

• Luteal phase (From day 15 to 28)

• Menstrual phase (From day 1 to 5)

The fluctuation in the levels of hormones during the month, regulates the menstrual cycle. The ordinary age of puberty is 12. Usually (10-16). It stops at certain age due to hormonal changes at age of 48-55. This is named as Menopause. At every menstrual phase, 50-60 ml of blood is passed out. That produce certain discomforts and cramps. Physical feeling , pain in the breast, stomach,  leg, back and lower abdominal area, headaches, a lack of concentration, swings in mood, clumsiness, nausea and tiredness, these symptoms are experienced before or when periods occur. Every woman experiences periods and their discomforts.

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impacts and importance of periods

Hold on!

  Painkiller using in periods be very harmful for the future pregnancies and strength of the uterus. It may also lead to uterus cancer and causes a major changes in the environment. Not only female but also male should know the life giving cycle of the human beings, so it is very essential to understand impacts and importance of Menstruation.


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