Impacts and importance of “Noise pollution”.

Noise is an important environmental pollutant mixed with air, Like other pollutant. Following are the impacts and importance of “Noise pollution”.

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Impacts and importance of “noise pollution”.

It destroys bridges and produces cracks in buildings. The noise can cause skin mental diseases. Everybody in the city, experience the pressure of horns from the vehicles like trucks, buses, scooters motor cycles, the drivers always pressing the horns without necessity, for some of them it became a worse habit while driving.


Noise is just unpleasant sound. The uneven waves of the sound that disturb the people is known as noise, this impact is created while using subjects like, machinery, household Utilities, air crafts, etc. we can able to experience these kinds of noises while crossing the Traffic, construction and civil engineering works, Industries and Bursting of crackers.

Health impacts

• Road traffic and aircraft noise increase the chances for high blood pressure, especially noise experience at night. high levels of aircraft noise were linked with increased hazards of hospital admission and death form stroke, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease in the surrounding areas.

• Noise can create negative feelings such as disturbance, irritation, dissatisfaction and nuisance.

• These kind of noises, also affects the children’s reading abilities, understanding capacities and memory.

• Types of sleeping disorder can experienced by the people nearby aircraft noise and road traffic. The primary sleep disturbances such as falling asleep, frequent awakenings, waking too early, and alterations in sleep stages.

• It leads to lack of concentration while working and learning and aggressive behavior.

• It can influence our age and results in the quick ageing physically as well mentally by slowdown the functioning of the systems in our body.

• Noise pollution interferes in the ability to normal speech and may lead to a number of personal disabilities, handicaps, and behavioral changes.

• It results of annoyance are privately felt dissatisfaction, publicly expressed authorities.

Long-term psychosomatic effects have been linked to nocturnal noise.

Control measures

• Traffic must be  controlled near the residential homes, educational institutes and hospitals.

• Control the Source that create unwanted noise in the environment.

• Noise producing industries, railway stations, airport, etc. should be placed far away from the housing areas.

• We should play various music systems such as sound system, television, etc. at low volume, during night. Even during day time, they should be played at low volumes.

• Machines should be well maintained so that they produce not as much of sound.

• It is observed that certain persons misfortune horns of their vehicles unreasonably or remove silencers of the exhaust pipes of vehicles. Such impact produce lot of noise pollution and these kinds of public nuisance can be avoided. Laws should be framed for the persons producing unnecessary noise.

• By constructing soundproof buildings, can be minimize the sound

• Plants do controlling noise pollution by absorbing high frequency sound waves. Thus, planting trees along the roads and near by the home will help in controlling noise pollution

Hold on!

The noise pollution impacts can be controlled with the help of cooperation among the people in the world and they should be award about the impacts and importance of noise pollution.


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