Impacts and importance of “water”.

Water is one of  the richest and vital natural resources, which can occur in all the three State. Followings are the impacts and importance of “water”.

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Impacts and importance of “water”.

Without water the life on this earth is hard, because each and every person in the earth is associated with water in day to day life. It shields (solid, liquid, gas) about 70% of Earth’s shallow and out of that only 3% of water is fresh, almost 82% of our blood is water. Water proceeds no smell, taste, color and mobile liquid.


It is neither acid nor base, the pH of water is seven, so it is a neutral liquid and Carries no charge. It will conduct electricity. Heat of evaporation is high. It has a boiling point of 100 °C above this heat evaporation is takes place, so that the liquid water molecule gets improved in to gas. Water indicates hold to the polar molecules; therefore, it is by means of as a polar solvent. The chemical formation of water has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom with the support of hydrogen bond it binds with the other water molecule .It has abundant polarity and low tension . Water is a transparent one. Light can travel through it.


Absent of water, our day to day life is difficult. It is used in nearly all the areas and so, it is becoming a business process. Absolutely, it is the main source in the farming. It acts as a life-giving shelter for all the water animal. Cooking, bathing, wash and housework process can’t be done, with lacking of water.

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Water scarcity occurs because of growing population. It arises when the open quantity of water is not rich, to meet demand. The main cause for the insufficiency is wasting the fresh water. Clean water is a vital element of a healthy human life.


Water lack leads the people to drink the existing low-quality water, so it will cause the water borne illnesses.

Water insufficiency leads to the low production in the agriculture, so there is a claim for the food and food goods. It is the bases for poverty.

Water scarcity also leads to the reductions in the marine population.

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How to meet water scarcity?

• Teach people to change the intake and lifestyles while using water.

• Reuse wastewater from the households and use it for garden.

• Increase the technique in the agriculture to use little amount of water.

• Produce the water projects to purify the sea water in to fresh water in instruction to meet water scarcity.

• Control the population to diminish the water necessity.

• Plant more trees to rise the rainfall.

• Make awareness to store rainwater like rain water harvesting.

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Hold on!

Everything in the world needs water to sustain. Owing to water insufficiency, so many birds and animal’s loss their life. So, water is the basis which gives natural life to everyone.

We never know the value of H2O till the well is dry”. Now it is a right time for the government to teach the people about the do’s and don’ts in the water saving organization and make them to know the importance of Water.


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