Impacts and importance of “Population”.

Population is defined as the total no of people living a particular area. Following are the impacts and importance of “population”.

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Impacts and importance of “Population”.

Population is the collective word that refers to the group of people, but now the population of the flora and fauna get decreased and the population of the humans get increased. This is only because of the human activity which results in the decreased recourse and increased population.The human impact on the environment results in the overpopulation.

Reason for the over population

Personal hygiene and awarenes

In early days the peoples are not that much aware in their hygiene, but today the peoples are well -educated about the do’s and don’ts, which results in the personal hygiene and maintenance of clean surroundings.

Birth rate

The increases in the birth rate are due to the development of medical care centers nearby their area and healthy diet intake by mother. Early marriages also contribute to population growth as getting married at an early age increases the chances of having more children it also increases the demand for the job. More no of employs but limited vacancies.

Death rate

The death rate gets decreased, due to the development of medicines and discovery of new vaccines which increases the immunity. Many of the irredeemable diseases have remedies today. Developments in the medical field have improved the average lifespan of human beings.

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Impacts and importance of “Population”.

Insufficient area

Due to over population there is the demand for area for their own production of food, overpopulation leads to the unemployment and increases the competition among the peoples for their needs.

Insufficient crops

Over population will cause the demand for the food crops, a big family with small agriculture land leads to demand for the food.

Control measures

Making awareness about the family planning among the people. But the concept of birth control is not widely accepted.

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Impacts and importance of “Population”.

Increased production.

Crop protection can be increased with the help of increasing cultivation, avoid wastage of crops during harvesting and cultivating the disease resistant verities .people should know the serious effects of the over population. With the help of bio technological research the life span of the crops can be reduced and at the same time diseases resistant variety are introduced in the agriculture field which increases the production. With the help of genetic engineering the size of the vegetables, crops, and fruits can be increased. Over half of the human population lives in the city, this is because of the need for income to run a family, who don’t have any field for cultivation and due to the development of the industry in city which gives an employment so most of the people move to cities.

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Impacts and importance of “Population”.

Hold on!

Over population affects the countries growth and at the same time the production of crops must also increase. If it is not in increasing rate, then the people face the problem regarding insufficient food. At present, India is the second in the high population and about covers 17.74% of world’s total population. So it is the right time to spared the importance of awareness.


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