Impacts and importance of “Meditation”.

In early days there is a trust that meditation is only fit for person who, out from the family. Following are the impacts and importance of meditation.

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It was difficult for family people to practice it. But now days there was awareness that it will applicable for all aged people and it is not related with any religion due to its benefits like decline in stress, improve the memory and mental ability.

Meditation is the exercise that keeps your mind to decrease in frequency, such repetition are named mental ability, it helps to rise the intellectual capacity, receptivity and mental power. There are so many characters, who keep their minds in the lower frequency and there will be an exchange of information between natures.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation helps the people to increase the mental stability and improve their performance, subsequently are the five main accepts in which the meditation plays a important role.


Meditation supports the people to know the things clearly and deeply. It helps to choose the exact side and realize what is truly needed for their life. It makes us to think what will happen in the upcoming and analyze it, before doing any work. A person who have this talent will not create mistake frequently and he learn how to makes his failure successful one.


Meditation is always supports to think spiritually, it breakdowns the ego of others and keep us apart from such person.

One should continuously think about the porous of his birth. While examining this truth, he should not consider anything that happened around him.


Expectation pointers to disappointment, it will make the stress and mental illness, a regular exercise of meditation will support to keep such illness away and keeps your mind free to learn new things


One should learn to adopt  for society and increase the ability to adjust with other at any place,even in discomfort, such kind of changes to the situation and peoples, give the aptitude to understand the reality of the life.


Meditation gives the capacity to think out of box, it opens your mind and makes you to think big and new, this meditation helps to know the self-ability and  to evaluate the thoughts of our own mind.

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Stages in meditation

Genetic center -practical base; blood circulation- heart; air circulation -lungs

Agna is the life force which is from the genetic center and between the eyebrows, during this pituitary gland becomes activated.

Shanthi; Life force transported  directly to mooladhar

Thuriya; life force in the pineal gland, and thus mind controlling influence gets activated

Thuriyatheetha; it is a special case in which the mind increases to the universe and travel in a peace

Hold on!

After understanding the basic and essential of the stress relief the government tokens many steps to extend the practice of meditation in schools, colleges and universities. In numerous software development corporations also gives the meditation as an exercise to their employers after detecting the importance of the meditation.


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