Importance of your health

Everyone likes to be tall, strong and healthy, handsome/pretty. It is important to give particular attention to your health at this time. If you do not, no matter what you do after you cross a certain age you can never make up for the loss of growth. If you are careless about your health you could suffer seriously later in life.

Rakesh was an intelligent boy studying in class VI when one day his friend asked him to smell something on his handkerchief. After he sniffed at it a few times he felt hot all over the body. He thought it was a nice feeling. He asked his friend what it was, but he said he did not know; it was just the handkerchief he had seen his elder brother sniffing. The two boys used to sniff this ‘thing’ ever now and then till, after some months, it did not make the feel as nice as it used to. But then his friend brought a tablet to the school and gave it to Rakesh to Swallow. This once again made him feel strange and cheerful.

It went on like this over the years till one day by the time they were in class IX they realized that, if they did not take these tablets several times a day, they felt sick and totally uncomfortable. They talked to a teacher about it and only then they understood that they had got ‘addicted’ to ‘drugs’ and they would need special treatment to get cured of it. They were afraid to tell their parents about it. Instead they would steal money from them to buy the tablets they needed. By the end of class X they were not able to concentrate on their studies anymore and they failed in their board examinations.

Jessy was also in class VI when a new restaurant opened right near their school gate. All the students felt it was important to have something in this new shop every day. If anyone did not go there everyone made her feel ashamed, as though she were from a very poor family. Jessy was from a rich family, but was not popular with her friends. She thought going to the restaurant was a good way to win the respect of her companions. In the morning she would tell her mother she was not hungry. She would then go and eat at the restaurants before class. At recess she would again eat and drink there. Before going home in the afternoon she would once again have something at this place. She ate very little of the food prepared at home. By the time she was in class IX she had grown very fat and unhealthy. The doctors said she was ‘obese’. 

It is at your young age that you acquire good or bad habits that will make you a healthy or a sick person later in life. Here are some very important things you have to see to if you are to grow up to be all that you can be in life:

  1. Be careful of what you eat, your parents love you and want what is best for you.
  2. You can safely eat all that your mother prepares for you at home.
  3. You may not find vegetables very tasty, but you will start liking them if you eat them regularly.
  4. Fruits and vegetables keep you healthy.
  5. Avoid junk food as far as possible.
  6. Drink water, milk and fruit juices rather than bottled drinks.

In August 1995 the producers of the two best known soft drinks in the world made an agreement not to sell their products in school canteens in the USA. They recognized the harm their soft drinks could do to the health of the growing children.

If you eat healthy you need not worry about your appearance as you grow up. Healthy food will make you handsome and beautiful without any special treatment. Do not use creams and ointments unless a doctor tells you to.

If something you eat makes you feel unusually cold, hot, sleepy, unable to sleep or extra cheerful, active or sad, or strange in any manner, stop eating that.

Develop a regular routine for the activities you have to do every day: rising in the morning, going to the toilet, bathing, study, meals, games or exercise, hobbies, watching television, time with your family, time with your friends, bedtime, etc. Regular habits in all these things make life much more pleasant and healthy.

We live in a hot country and we perspire a lot, especially as we grow old. We should bath at least once a day, and possibly every morning and evening. We change our underclothes at least once every day. Having the same clothes next to our skin day after day is very unhealthy.

There might be chances that some of your seniors must have misguided you about smoking, using tobacco in various forms, taking alcohol, etc. Avoid these. Perhaps your parents or teachers use some of these things; but these are the worst habits you can make In your lifetime. If you start destroying your brain or your lungs you will face serious complications later in life.

Avoid extremes:

  1. Do not eat too much.
  2. Do not eat too little, worrying that you will get fat.
  3. Do not play until you are exhausted.
  4. Do not be lazy and avoid all games and exercise.
  5. Do not study all day, nor watch television all day.
  6. Do not spend all your time chatting with friends, nor avoid meeting anyone outside of the family.

There is a time for everything in life and we need moderation in everything. The Romans used to say, “In medio stat virtus”, which means, moderation is true virtue. Our own ancestors used to say, “Even Amrut, taken in excess, is poison.”


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