In my closet, so much stored, rusty thoughts, forgotten dreams,cherished ones, the sweet memories, bitter moments, rage, anger, lone me, and powerful & strong ? myself…?

All this aren’t dearly aren’t lovely aren’t glorious aren’t endorsing.. It is just as it is in my closet..

Dolly wasn’t sure her life could be that tragic.. She face a lot of struggles and now she want an end of her monotonous, dusky days…

All she was cherishing is her walk with one of her closet friend.. She love talking to Him and talking about Him.. She is quite lost in His thoughts ?All she want to love and Live for Him.. His love has comforted her, consoled her, made her strong enough to face any obsolete situations of her life.. She is not knowing how things will be but she enjoy the flow as she is moving with the flow… All she need to do is to introduce the love she recieved to all the broken souls still in search of such a faithful friend.. He is not only faithful but His love is a ocean, His joy is one’s strength, His embrace is all together confronting and lovely.. When one spend a little tym with Him, it’s not enough, He is so good, that you won’t settle to take less from Him.. You wish to spend more & more tym in His presence as you start tasting Him..

Dolly ‘s life is not a some mystery, nor she is lost in her thoughts of her lover.. She is timit, yet strong  she feels dull but Yet she knows to turn dullness into liveliness.. All because she knows she isn’t a normal girl.. She has a distinct identity, unique personality, she is enigma to the world..

All the time she has a story to share which is more or less about her closest friend..

One day teesha call her, they were talking after long time, teesha was happy with her life, she is best with her self and career. She achieved all she wish to achieve in her life.. As she was sharing all this with dolly.. Dolly asked teesha Are u Happy? Teesha was perplexed, why dolly question, about her being happy, as she already told her How happy she is in her life.. She pause for a while n exclaimed ahh! I am happy but from inside I m still empty I m still lonely, broken and in my fears..

Dolly laughed louder, teesha you are not happy, you have to yet experience that joy of a company who will fill you with immense happiness, I wish to introduce you today to someone who is not only love of my life but loves you too dearly, He is source of all happiness, He is my true, faithful friend and most intergral part of my life.. ” Do u like to know His name”? Offcourse teesha said, please tell me about Him.

If you wanna know The name above all names.if you wanna know The rock, If you wanna know author and finisher of your faith, if you wanna know the truth, way and life.if you wanna know to whom my heart belongs, ohh teesha I have no words to introduce Him, He is beautiful and so good.. Do u really wanna know His name, the moment you call upon His Name, He will be there for you pouring His love upon you and making you crazily dancing with the joy He will will fill you through.. His name is JESUS.. I call him My best BUDDY..

Though in my closet might be anything, the best part is Him and forever be… Today If you wanna know Him more, experience His love and the river of joy flowing in you. Just call upon His name.. HE IS A LIVING GOD,WHO WALKS, WHO TALKS,WHO HEARS, WHO ANSWERS AND IS EAGER TO HEAR FROM YOU EVERY TIME YOU CALL UPON HIS NAME….HE IS THE TRUE SOURCE OF HAPPINESS..


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