Indigo children

Indigo children are children who are believed to possess special, and sometimes supernatural abilities

Signs You are an INDIGO

1)You Feel entitled:

You were born feeling special and know it.

2)You are destined to be here:

You are confident and even arrogant at times and emboldened by something larger than you can.

3)You Have High expectations of yourself and others:

This can make for a challenging relationships and interactions. You see only the best and expect others to live up to it. Towards yourself,you can be unrelentingly self critical.

4)You Ape perceptive:

Indigos see the world differently. Coupled with innate. Self assurance,you often think your way is right and are offended it others cannot see,much less take action on your point of view. If Indigos ruled the world you are confident no problem would exist.

5)You Question Authority:

You are not one to negotiate, so certain in your views and ways, you are often rebellious and critical of those in powers.

6)You want to overturn the man:

Difficult and rigid system seem foolish to you and you often became antagonistic to what others experience as normal.

7)You are Creative:

Musically and artistically gifted, your and invites others to see the world around through your eyes.

8)You are a Change maker:

Your perception on the failings of society is so keen that you are magnificent leader, offering better methods of business , society and ways of being.

9)You are Driven:

As Indigo soul mission is encoded in your very being,you are unwilling to back down from confronting what feels out of integritiny.

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