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All are known as Sundar Pichai is an Indian American business exective.sundar Pichai has been on July 12 .1972 in madurai.he was middle class family and bright student.And Sundar Pichai was married to Anjali Pichai they have two children Daughter kavya Pichai,and a son Kiran Pichai ,he bought in 2013 lives in the infamous and reputable has Altos hills in California.He owns multiple and different properties in his home country of India .


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Sundar Pichai mother Lakshmi was stenographer and his father Ragunatha Pichai was electrical engineer at GEC and also had a manufacturing plant that produced electrical components.he was completed school in jawalar vidyalaya a CBSE school in Chennai .And higher secondary completed from vena vani school in the Indian institute of technology Madras .And pichai earned his degree from Indian institute of technology kharagpur in metallurgical engineering.And M.S from Stanford University And MBA from the waston school of the university of Pennsylvania.

Career :

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He was started career in Google 2004 and he was popular products like toolbar . Google noticed that the toolbar next Google chrome started at own browser.And he was leel  product management and found Google client software products he appointed as vice president of product development in 2018.he introduced chrome browser in 2009 it was followed by chrome os the senior vice president of chrome and apps in 2012. IN 2015 Harry page was retiring from Google to take up command at alphabet inc.he was contends for the post Microsoft new CEO a job went to Satya nadella .


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was liked for his easy Outlook of other with more responsibility Sundar Pichai gave in his best to make Android most compatible with products incharge of almost Google products such as Google chrome, chrome os, Google gears,and packs, Gmail, Google drive,and search, maps, Google commerce,and ads and infrastructure. So he had a achieved very important role in Google.


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Sundar Pichai was awarded with 2-7millons shares of Google holding company in February 2016 and

alphabet prize 199 millions this award possession took up his stakeholder to a net of 65millons

He is a chess lovers and admirer people like Nelson Mandela

And he is determined and motive for the development of the world through technology

Fact About Sundar Pichai:

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 The captain of his school cricket terms he was a cricket fan

He was joined Google even before the company went public

He was very smart at remembering number and could remember every phone number he dialed when he was young

Interacts with student at IIT-kharagpur over Skype at regular intervals

The master of caremonies at Google 1/0 for the past few years

His family did not possess a phone until he was 12

He once tried to talk a Friend out of working at Google


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