Inspirational Success stories of Chartered Accountant

CA a word that will attach with our sentiments. I just read a quote some time before i.e.

People just see your success not the sacrifice behind it”

The same thing applies in the CA course. People just see you as a CA not your efforts behind to reach your journey to become CA. We all know that becoming CA is not a cup of tea. You have to sacrifice many thing to achieve the goal to become a CA.

I’m going to tell you some very struggling story to become CA. Some great stories of the CA personalities are described below:

 1. Rajani Gopal: May be you just heard her name. Rajani Gopal is the first women visually challenged Chartered Accountant. She is blind but she proved, ” If you aimed for your success with your whole focus  then your weakness become your strength .”  Now she is working with a leading Indian software company with a handsome package. 

2. Prema Jayakumar: A personality who have nothing but aimed to become CA. Prema Jayakumar is the daughter of a taxi driver. She studied in the dim light of a candle, She studied with notes of her friend but there is a saying that     ” When there is a will there is a way.”  She is the rank one holder of CA Final.

3. Kailash Narayan Purohit:  There is an interesting fact behind his name. He cleared his CA final after 32 attempt. He just success in becoming CA after approx 20 years. He just didn’t accept his defeat. He fell, learn & again wake up tried & finally succeed in his aim. HE proved that ” Failure is not the opposite of success, It is a part of success”.

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4. Shailee Choudhary: She is the personality Who failed in CA IPCC 6 times & became the CA Final AIR 1 holder. She said ” I continue my preparation of final even in failure in IPCC”. She proved, “Never give up until you reached to your destination”  

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5. Neha bhansali: She can move only her right hand. She is bound by her wheel chair.  She just create history by becoming a Chartered Accountant.  She not only become chartered Accountant but also secured 10th rank all over India. She proved, ” Nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself”

6Dhanshree Vilas Todkar: She is the daughter of a poor tea stall. She is worked hard till he didn’t get the success of becoming CA. Her father didn’t have enough money to buy sweets to celebrate the joy of passing CA of her daughter So he just buy biscuits for her. She proved that “Money can’t be a hurdle In the way of your passion”


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