Interesting facts about Cleopatra

Cleopatra is one of best-known women in history, famed for her supposed beauty and intellect. Know the interesting hidden facts about her.

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The product of incest.

The members of the Ptolemaic dynasty often married within the family to preserve the purity of their bloodline. Cleopatra’s ancestors tied the knot with cousins or siblings, and it’s likely that her own parents were brother and sister.  This was the  custom followed by her. Cleopatra eventually married both of her adolescent brothers, each of whom served as her ceremonial spouse and co-regent at different times during her reign.

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Interesting facts about cleopatra

She was not the first famous Cleopatra in history. Her full name – Cleopatra VII Philopator , shows the fact the  that there were six other Cleopatras before her, and Cleopatra facts show that one of them was the sister of Alexander the Great. The name derives from the Greek origin where kleos means  (glory) and pater, meaning “glory of the father” or “she who comes from glorious father”. The last part of her name, Philopator, means “father-loving”.

Rich ruler

Cleopatra was the richest ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, so it is clear  that she was forced to find innovative ways to spend all her money. One of the best-known stories connected to her richness revolves around a bet she made with her lover (and later husband) Mark Antony, claiming to be able to spend 10 million sestertii (Roman currency of the time) on one single dinner. He, with no doubt, accepted the bet and Cleopatra organized the dinner for the following evening. But the dinner was far from spectacular – the food served was quite common. However, for the second course, Cleopatra ordered a cup of strong vinegar, dissolved a majestic pearl in it, and drank the solution, supposedly winning the bet.

Her beauty tricks

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Interesting facts about cleopatra

Cleopatra was not only the queen of Alexandria, but also the beauty product queen of her time. It is believed that she took frequent baths in donkey milk to preserve the youth of her skin. What is so special about bathing in donkey milk, you ask? Nothing special, only the simple fact that one of Cleopatra’s special daily baths required the milk of 700 donkeys!

All strange and terrible events are welcome, but comforts we despise. 

She also used a variety of other cosmetic products, which were made from rocks, minerals and plants at the time. Her cosmetics consisted of minerals and rocks such as malachite, pyrite, lead sulfide and red ochre. Cleopatra’s nail polish was most likely made from henna, a dye that comes from the Egyptian privet tree.

 Writer and Perfume Business Owner

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Interesting facts about cleopatra

In tune with her interest in beauty and cosmetics, Cleopatra also wrote a medical book on the topic, simply called “Cosmetics”. But this was no ordinary, simple article on beauty, like those found in thousands of modern beauty magazines; it was a detailed medical and pharmacological work, describing various remedies for many health issues that could have an effect on aesthetics. In addition to writing a book, she also owned a perfume factory in a land near the Dead Sea – a legacy of her beloved Mark Antony.

Cleopatra died at 39 years of age, presumably committing suicide by allowing a poisonous snake to bite her before she could be captured by the man who later became the first emperor of the Roman Empire – Augustus. Read the article, Surf my blogs for more interesting facts.


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