Interesting facts about Gold

There is no man in this world who hate gold. Here are some interesting facts about gold.


  •  Gold is the soft malleable metal compared to other metals. 1 gram of gold can be beaten with a hammer down to a 1 square meter sheet that light would shine through. 
  • Gold never oxidizes. which means , it never gets rusty and is shiny forever.
  •  Gold is the heaviest and densest of all metals in the Periodic Chart. One cubic foot of gold weighs about 1,187 pounds. Gold is much rarer than diamonds

Do you know?

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  • A pound of feathers does weigh more than a pound of gold. It is treated as a store of value and used as currency for almost as long as monetary systems have existed in the world.
  • The most expensive gold coin ever sold was a 1933 Double Eagle, which sold for $7.59 million in 2002.
  •  The country holding the most gold in the world is the United States with 8,133.5 tons.
  •  The largest gold nugget ever found is thought to be the “Welcome Stranger”, found in Australia in 1869 and weighing 2,520 troy ounces which is equal to 173 lbs
  •  The world’s deepest gold mine is Mponeng in South Africa. It is 2.5 miles deep – the length of 10 Empire State Buildings.
  •  Gold was one of the first metals discovered by man, along with copper, in circa 5000 BC.
  •  Gold’s ManGold can be turned into thread and used in embroidering.
  •  Gold is an effective reflector of electromagnetic radiation such as infrared, visible light, and radio waves. It is used as protective coating on satellites as well as for thermal protection in astronaut suits and helmets.
  •  Being a great conductor of electricity, gold is used in electronic cables such as audio, video, and USB cables.
  • Gold chloride solution along with gold oxide are used to make red-colored glass.
  • Gold toners are used in photography to change certain colors or increase their stability.

Gold for embellishment:

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  •  China, the number one consumer of gold in the world, accounts for 30% of global jewelry demand, much of which is gold jewelry.
  •  India is the second largest consumer of gold in the world. A large portion of the gold Indians buy is used for the 10,000 traditional Indian weddings held every year.
  • Edible gold is sometimes added to expensive desserts in high-end restaurants. 


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