Interesting facts about rain 

Rain is vital source for water. Many interesting facts about rain are stated by many scientists from those facts some are listed below.

Water droplet which becomes sufficiently substantial to drop under gravity, due to the decrease of water vapors in the atmosphere is called Rain.

Interesting facts about rain 1:

Raindrops fall at an average speed of about 14 miles per hour. At that speed, a raindrop falling from a typical cloud height of 2,500 feet would take a little more than two minutes to reach the ground. Larger raindrops can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, while tiny raindrops can take up to seven minutes to fall from 2,500 feet.

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Interesting facts about rain 

Interesting facts about rain 2:Rain falls from clouds in the sky in the form of water droplets, this is called precipitation.Water can also fall from the sky in the form of hail, sleet or snow.Rain is an important part of the water cycle.Here is a video from which you can learn about the water cycle.

Interesting facts about rain -water cycle 

Interesting facts about rain 3:Rain can fall to a level of 22 miles per hour.One droplet of rain can remain in the atmosphere of Earth for almost 10 Days.Rain does not have a shape of a teardrop; it is ovular. Every second, almost 16 million tons of water evaporates from the Earth surface. Also, every second, 16 million tons of water precipitates back onto the surface of Earth (Water cycle).

Interesting facts about rain -water cycle

Interesting facts about rain 4:Rain occurs on other planets in our Solar System but it is different to the rain we experience here on Earth. For example, rain on Venus is made of sulfuric acid and due to the intense heat it evaporates before it even reaches the surface!

Interesting facts about rain 5:Weather radar is used to detect and monitor rain.Rain gauges are use to measure the amount of rain over a certain period of time.Rain gauges can be made easily by ourselves.

Interesting facts about rain 6:Rain with high levels of acid (a low pH) is called acid rain. Caused by the release of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the air (often from factories and power stations), it can be harmful to plants and animals.

Interesting facts about rain 7:Up-to our knowledge we think that deserts are the most driest areas without rain isn’t it?? But we wrong, the continent with the lowest rainfall is snow-covered Antarctica which receives just 6.5 inches of rain or snow annually, making it the driest continent on earth. (In comparison, North America receives an average of 256 inches of rain annually.)

Interesting facts about rain 8:You must be aware of the fact that in some parts of the world unusual things happen to fall from the sky. At many place Tadpoles and small fish can be seen falling from the sky along with other things. The rain of Fish is very normal in Honduran Folklore. In the city of Yoro hundreds of living fish can be found on the ground after rain especially between the months of May and July.

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Interesting facts about rain -fish rain

Interesting facts about rain 9:True fact is rain has no smell. Flavor of what we refer to the smell of rain, in fact, isolated actin and cyanobacteria. The substance, which gives the smell of rain is called geosmin.

Interesting facts about rain 10:The rainiest city in the world is Cherrapunji (India). During the year 26 460 mm of rain falls there.

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Interesting facts about rain -higest rain fall

Interesting facts about rain 11.About one in a hundred million people suffer from allergy to the rain. Any effect of water on the skin can cause redness, swelling, caught in the rain, such people can die.

Interesting facts about rain 12:Heavy rainfall will cause floods and landslides.



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