“Body language more powerful than words “

There are six universal facial expression anger, sad ness, face disgust, surprise and happiness when feeling discomfort men typically prefer to touch their face. Laughter is a powerful display of relaxation the “THUMB” or “OK” sign have vulgar meaning in latin America. In America and latin not looking in the eye of other person is a sign of disrespect. I. Asian culture prolonged eye contact is considered offensive. Putting our hand on our heart make as more honest and moral there is no such thing as a neutral face. Because a neutral face is usually negatively…… 


“Good look attract the eyes”

The more attracted we are to a person, the easier it’s for them to make you laugh. You really love him no name was mentioned but still you thought of one person. Its typical Psychological reaction. When a man spots a women he find attractive he holds his stare for an average of 82 seconds women often find themselves more attracted to some one who has ability to make them laugh. Laughter strength relation. Smiling is 70 % more attractive than wearing  makeup…. 


#”The best relationship usually begin unexpectedly” 

Relationship of just friends tends to turn into an intimacy later with in few minutes you determine that you love someone smile attracts man’s  heart. By holding the hands of loved one will pacify the stress. What happens when the you look into the eyes of the person you love. Sorry big bellies women do not incline towards you after 150days a breakup is likely to take place. Deep voice of men appeals to women…. 


@”live simply #dream  big “

We can only dream about thing we already know the faces of people we see in the dreams are faces we have seen before in real life. 95% of all dreams are quickly forgotten shortly after waking approximately 80 percentage of all dream are in colour, there are small percentage of people who claim to only dream in black and white. We can control our dreams negative emotions such as anxiety and faces are more common in dreams blind people can dreams are typically include information from other sense such as taste, sound, touch the average person has about 1460 and 2190 dreams at the same time… 


“Tears are words the heart can’t express”

crying literally flushes unhealthy bacteria out of the human body strengthening the immune system while relieving stress. Holding of tears and pretending to be okay put lots of stress on our mind as well as on our heart. Crying keeps up healthy. Crying is how our body Speaks when our mouth can’t explain the pain we feel. While crying from happiness the first tear will come from right eye and crying from sadness it will come from the left eye. A good cry makes us feel better  women cry more then men babies average about one to three hours of crying every day. Researchers believe emotional tears may be evolutionary adaptation….


“Love heart life everything “

Falling in love first sight is apparently true according to psychologist. It takes only 2-4 minutes to face for someone or to make a good impression on some one be careful. The fourth finger of the left hand Has to be connected directly to the heart . Partners with too much similarity or too many difference tend not to last very long. Couples in love can reduce each other’s pair or any other feeling of stress and fear just by holding hands perfect love is the combination of passion. Commitment and intimacy based on the triangular theory of love. In the end, the feeling of love itself is what the matter most women find guys extra appealing it they notice other females smiling at than…….!! 


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