Is Being Beautiful that Much Important?

Asian Beauty standards:

Which one is more important? Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty?

When we talk about being beautiful, we often refer to a person’s physical attractiveness. Of course, a beautiful or handsome face is pleasant to look at. When most girls are little, their minds and imaginations illuminate at the sight of the beloved Disney princesses, with beautiful ball gowns, perfect hair, and dainty waists, as they start to become their first heroines. Some people often search on How to get a pretty face? and that is because most of the people forget the fact that being Beauty also includes inner beauty.

Growing up with beauty:

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Children growing up a little play with Barbies, dressing her in American wedding gowns a date with Ken. Soon enough, these girls are up flipping through magazines, in awe of a movie star’s dress that perfectly silhouettes her body, or of a model at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. The standards of beauty have been totally changed.

Media’s Portrayal:

Beauty is an omnipresent characteristic that plagues societies’ youth today because mainstream media has convinced them that beauty inside is less important than physical beauty. Unfortunately the media’s warped sense of what true beauty is has been advertised in such a way that it has become an unhealthy observation for today’s youth, especially on the real beauty of women. The expectations of beauty are unacceptably stereotyped, which creates unrealistic, idealistic goals for our young people who try to achieve. It is crucial to mention that as a society we need to strive toward teaching the proper balance between both aspects of beauty to offset the portrayal of what true beauty is by the media.

Where can be found?

Where Beauty can be found?

There are many misconceptions about beauty and its importance, in today’s society. In a time when physical beauty can be of utter importance, we seem to be at a loss of it. What is beauty and where can it be found. Can we see it in the air we breathe, the brilliant oceans, in the striking sunsets, or even in one another?

Today’s society:

With the weight of beauty in today’s society, the common use of expressions used to describe life’s brilliance is expected. The many expressions used to discuss beauty such as “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and “beauty runs only skin deep” all stimulate different opinions and create controversy, but the most notorious of all, being that “beauty doesn’t last forever…”.Are you unhappy with your looks? If you are, then bring a change of happiness. Enjoy the fruit of happiness by availing beauty care products at .

 Believe me, “Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out”.


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  1. Gaurav Sharma

    What I think, Inner beauty helps you appreciate outer beauty. If you love, appreciate and feel good about yourself, you would feel more confident about facing and interacting with other beautiful people in the world though outer beauty can give you a glance, it’s inner beauty that makes someone stay.
    Good Article #Deepa
    Keep it up