Is Just Being Positive Enough?

Have you ever wondered what all it takes to be a successful person ? We all search for methods and formula to become successful just by thinking positively.

Imagine a world without Apple and it’s products ? Huh!! a nightmare for many of us…. If Steve Jobs Blindly worked on his passion with being just positive . We would have just heard about Apple as a fruit.Though success is a relative term , it completely depends on the metric you choose like if someone’s metric is to get into a good college just by daydreaming and not thinking and working on both the negative and positive aspects.

Is it possible to reach there only by thinking positively and ignoring blues? The answer is a big NO!!!!

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Positive thinking all the time will hinder your growth process as an individual.You will always think that you are at winning edge being miles away from it. This abstract process will ultimately make you more away from your dream. You will neglect the underpinning steps in the path to success and it will in-turn make it even more miserable.

It has been wisely said by Mark Manson – “There is a feedback loop from hell” which suggests that getting positive all the time and neglecting the negative aspects will loosen your construe grip on the essential difficulties and responsibilities that you will face in the process of self improvement and achieving Big Shot


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Balancing between positive and negative thinking is the key to success. Even the smallest indivisible unit – Atom knows its value as it is stabilized by positive(proton) and negative(electron) identities.Balanced thinking enables you to accept responsibility of yourself , it also gives you power to enjoy failures and success equally .

Negative aspects enable you to challenge yourself and to improve every vestige you take . It indeed makes you a good critic of yourself. It enables you to find your muddles and strengthen your basics as growth is an endlessly iterative process . Being always positive makes you certain and in point of fact reduces your chances to blemish weakness and enhance it.

And to this I say, in my best Yoda impersonation“Do, or do not, there is no how.”

Life is incomplete if you do not experience and accept both positive and negative domains and ply accordingly.

Complexity resides in simplicity , its upon you what are you searching for !!!  


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