Is solitariness different from being INDEPENDENT?

Subject: Solitary vs. Independent

Being alone or feeling lonely is solitariness . Not wanting to surround yourself with too many of them and choosing to stay aloof is being alone. This happens when you like to have a tons of privacy and personal space. However the reason can also be that you are a socially awkward person! Wait , is this for good ?

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There is no standard answer for any such questions, what might be right for me will be wrong for you just like “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. If being alone and just talking with the right people at the right time keeps you going well I would suggest you just need to carry on. After all it’s going to be “you” who is forever going to be with “you” in all upside and downs of life. At times being alone and doing your work is the best and you have ego learn to say NO to people.

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The above is often confused with being independent. Per contra being independent is that never let your happiness depend on the existence of another. This is fatal. Making someone a permanent part of your life is quite dangerous as you never know till the sun comes that they were all passing clouds.

So, at the end of the day it’s YOU.

No to jump with the bandwagon doesn’t mean no to make friends , it means making the right friends and forming a strong wall. Learn to say NO and let your grasp go beyond your reach. One last thing , trying and failing in life is okay but failing to try is not. Yeah, being alone when it’s needed and staying independent can make you become better that what you were yesterday !


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Being independent denotes that you are strong enough to face everything with courage even though you have people around to support you. Sometimes being independent helps you to adapt yourself to any situation. Independent behaviour helps you to face anything bravely, rather than expecting others for help. Independent decisions are the ones which will help you in your life rather than taking decisions according to others suggestions. Only independent nature will help us in any situation. People are not going to stay with us forever. In certain situations only we can act and take a correct decision. No one can bare our pain but only we have to undergo it. Hence it is better to be independent.

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Whereas solitary is a state which makes us to feel lonely by keeping us away from people. Some don’t understand the difference between solitary and independent. Solitary is purely our fault to segregate ourselves from people and staying away with an inferior complex and thinking that people find it difficult to tolerate them. But life is all about how much quality of people you have rather than how much quantity of people you have around. One may have many friends but they wouldn’t be loyal to them. They all will be just staying with them only during their happy times and may leave them once they face any difficulties. But few loyal people always try to save us at any situation. So it’s better to stay around with people who really value you rather than staying alone.

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Hence be independent because no one is going to give you their life. But don’t be lonely because there are few to save your life.


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