Is transfer good or bad in Articleship

Articleship is the phase where a CA student gain the experience of practical life. He/she work within an office & learn about practical situation to be faced in future. Many CA  student take the dummy articleship & do only study for passing the paper they didn’t get any exposure in practical so they get failed in their career.  You can get more details about dummy articleship by clicking on this link:

Now we come at transfer in articleship means switching the CA firm transfer of articleship means changing the firm in which you are working to another firm. There is a certain procedure to follow for transfer. For the first year there is no boundation for the transfer but in the second & third year there is some boundation on transfer relate to kilometre. 

Everything has it’s pros & cons so transfer also have. Some pros & cons of transfer is described below:

Pros of transfer:

1. Different environment: When you take the transfer & go to another firm  you just feel the different environment from the previous one. May be possible you may get far better environment from the previous firm & you can get more office etiquetes there.

2. Standard of work: The standard of work is totally changed. You will get an high level work from your previous firm. Quality of work increase that will increase your knowledge & enhance your skill. You can also go to big four that will help you in getting job

3. New work: Transfer increase the chances of getting new work in the new firm. May be possible your department of work or area of work will change so you can learn both of the area of articleship.

4. Increase in network: When you switch the firm you will interact with the new clients & make a relationship with them that thing increase your chances to be getting work in future. May be they can provide you client for your profession.

Cons of transfer:

1. Loss of goodwill: By taking transfer may be possible that you may loss some goodwill that may affect your whole future.But if you succeed in transfer than your goodwill will be much higher than before.

2. Problem in transfer: Many CA articles face problem while taking transfer because of limitation in transfer imposed by ICAI.  You have to get signed a form from your principal. If you did that you can go to other firms.

3. Problem in getting new firm: Many CA firm didn’t get the articles who take transfer from the other one they only take the freshers for articleship or they prefer fresher on transfer.

Conclusion: In the end i just say that everything has its pros & cons just analyse that things & take your decision. But in my point of view by analysis you may take transfer if you will get a better firm from the existing firm otherwise continue with the current firm.   


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