Is women objectification done In media? 


With the introduction of new communication technology, the power of mass media has grown dramatically. Media plays an integral part in people’s life. From the moment we get up we are engulfed in the media centric world .If we analyse it closely ,a media is the reflection of cultural and social values that society holds but as the time passes on, media began to impinge and disrupt our real imaginations ,the holiness of women which was once worshipped in the same society. But now at the present media is just a pool of manipulations not describing solely the problems of the women but treating her as a commodity of the sex. But media has also taken a necessary steps to promote the welfare of the women and took efforts in the non stereotyped portrayal of women in it has been clear that media has been genuine to some extent in portraying the women ,but it is also the people who should recognize the efforts of the world.

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Media has proved to be one of the important instruments of social change in society .In the corridors of social change institutions, it is observed that media promotes consumer taste and values, often alien to culture and tradition. Today media is not playing the role of the fourth estate as watch dog of democracy but there is too much commercialisation and sensationalism involving violence, sex, portrayal of women which is indecent and objectionable. It tends to reduce the legitimate space for treatment of gender issues which is vital for the development and empowerment of women in society.


Media is considered to be the most important tool of society in the modern times as it has the power to reach out to large audience by mass communication and create an impact wherever it can reach , which now has become far and wide. Social media through its ever updating apps and networking is an inevitable source of influence on mass. Communication is extremely important for women’s development in society and mass media play significant role. Yet the media can also reinforce stereotyped images of women and their roles in society. As media has huge influence on people, it should act with more responsibility before reporting and publishing any news.


The Modern media forum for promoting the role of women in society, recognises that the communications media play a crucial role not only in promoting justice and equality for women but in fostering appreciation for their feminine gifts. I also point out some of the,” Obstacles which in so many parts of the world, still keep women from being social, political and economic life .From the media, fortunately there is a growing awareness that a women must be enabled to play their part in the solution of the serious problems of the society and its future.” From the point of media, “A greater presence of women in society will prove must valuable, for it will help to manifest the contradiction present when the society is organised”.

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It is not within the scope of this study to go into the details of specific cultural contexts as Iam dealing mainly with ‘how’ the media has responded to women politicians, and not ‘why’, Still, one does not need to go beyond the visible to the framing of ideal or good woman and bad woman from within the discourses of India’s colonial and nationalist history. The media welcomes women to enter the public domain and yet, it perceived them as representatives of private sphere and expected them not to lose their spiritual essence and feminine virtues. The Indian Press mode nor attempts to corner women leaders within the private sphere. The best example is IROM SHARMILA, the media portrayed all her efforts that is the continuous hunger strike made by her for years, but while she contestd in election she got only 80 votesthis because the people did not recognize her properly .But when the actors are contesting the elections they have more chances for winning and the people also give their full recognition and support for them. And by this support many had also become chief ministers.

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Even though with the onset of the 20th century, women have been working equally and maintain the same status as that of men. Despite that of the stereotype projection leaves women just helpless. The best examples are the advertisement of a detergent soap, cooking oil. Even while advertising masculine products female are must there to show. The women on screen is projected with glowing features, fairer skin tone , perfectly shaped curves, flat belly, long silky hair and an ideal sex icon; which helps them to promote their business and attract more customers.

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But this ideal feminity is what the society desires of , impacting the former in unprecedented ways. This objectification instigates shame and trepidation but also encourages their use a a medium of amusement, now since the society accepts what is not real, women continue to chase what is ideal as a result of which many females find themselves trapped in the callousness, thereby having lower self esteem, depression, feeling of discontent with self and other psychological disorder, leaving behind all the intregrity and self worth at the stake. Current scenario speaks that the female objectification is the key source to a billion dollars. But this is not an issue that has come up within last few years rather it is since early 1920s when women wanted to break off the tradition the film makers then saw this as an opportunity to capitalise and set out the new attitude, behaviour and style as a example for the new society that was then evolving. They tried reflecting the society and ended up in moulding them.

The gender differentiation in media is another sub-aspect under women objectification .The female sex is personated not as a whole but in parts, sometimes even eliminating the portrayal of the face itself. The major focus lies on their body. To say that the females are always the hunting horn is altogether incorrect and unjust. The men are also, though it is either their face or muscles


The depiction of women in media, be it film, televisional, but their status and dignity matters there. There has been some films which has been the reflection of women status and hurdles faced by them in present society. The best examples are the film AVAL APPADI THAN , the movie which spoke about the women liberty at the time of 20th century. TARAMANI, the movie of this 21st century also shows how the society sees the women when she decided to live independently without men’s support. There are some other films which spoke about women’s emotions and what they are expecting from this society, some of the films are: 36VAYATHUNILE , MAGALIR MATTUM,,etc . Hindi cinemas has been a major point of reference for Indian Culture in this century. Those movies that have three different points of view towards women. To some extent the identified areas where modern feminism comes into contact with traditional values. Films have also been inspired to large extent from religion and mythology whereby women characters were seen as the epitome of virtues and values, those who could do no wrong. Over the past few years, stereotypes related to women and the phenomenon of the Indian women ,”COMING OF AGE”. It reminds us of few moments of the cinema of yore, the ever mesmerising roles played by MEENA KUMARI in SAHIB BIWI AUR GHULAM in 1962, NARGIS in MOTHER INDIA 1957 etc… also the Role of PRIYANKA CHOPRA in FASHION 2008.

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With new technologies there is an increase in the commercialisation of massmedia at global levels. This also marks a steep increase in the objectification of women . Media has been both a bane and a boon as always. As it provides as with an arena where we connect with distant people but at the same instance it also promotes the women to be treated as commodities as sex toys. If we analyse it closely media is the reflection of the cultural and social values that a society holds.

In media women have been portrayed as a dependent sex who is passive and submissive to the patriarchal norms, authorities and traditions. In other hand if the women decided to live independently as well as westernised women are portrayed as vamp by the society.

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The media’s influence could be very well seen by the values that the modern parents indulge into their children. Girls have been thought since their childhood as to what is their expected role and behaviour in society.


1. Though media has contributed to the upliftment of women for some extent , at the same time it portrayed them as a commodity of sex. This portrayal is mainly done to make billions which is not actually fair, so the objectification of women should not be done.

2. Despite , our legislature enacted the Indecent representation act of 1986, but it has not been effectively followed in our country. Because the term INDECENT has not been defined in the section , so necessary steps should be taken to review the act.

3. There are some relevant laws protecting the dignity of women: the expression LIFE assured in article 21 of the constitution , includes right to livelihood, better standard of living , hygienic conditions in the workplace and leisure.

4. Many more documentaries have to be taken to recognize the great women personalities such as OPRAH WINFREY ,MALALA YOUSAFZAI and that other deprived women’s also would be motivated.

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5. Though women has been equal opportunities they must also be given respect and the protection



Media have a huge potential for the empowerment of women , however the overall use of this media by women is very low. They should increase their participation and all the women should access their right to expression and decision making in and through the media and new technologies of communication.

A strong legislative effort coupled with a wide spread social awareness with morality and ethics is needed to fight this menace so that women are not perceived as a commodity but as individual with right and dignity.

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Thus media should portray the women with all her status and dignity.




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