It is not in the stars to hold our DESTINY but in ourselves

We are not stuck, we are just committed to certain patterns of behavior cause they help you in the past. Now those behavior have become more harmful than helpful. The reason why you can’t move forward is because you keep applying an old formula to a new level in your life.Change the formula to get a different result. It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. We must surround ourselves with The Dreamers and the Deors, the believers and the thinkers.

Pay close attention to your feelings no matter how good something looks if it doesn’t feel right walk away if it doesn’t feel right… Chances are it is NOT right. We see our heart is much wiser than our brain. Most people when faced it a difficult decision, they go to their brain. Leave their intelligence comes from their brain. But that is not the case we see our heart is the most powerful intelligence in our body. A heart is the intelligence that came before our brain. Yes, our heart started beating before our brain existed. So the intelligence that created in our body and our brain is our heart. Become an emotional brain long before we form a rational one and a beating heart before either. Research shows the heart has 60 times the energy coming out of it as the brain does. Now we can understand how are hard dramatically impacts how our brain works, not the other way around. We can’t trust our brain 100% of the time, our brain wants to keep us safe from all possible forms of pain, our heart wants to take us where we need to go. Living inside your head is not only dangerous, it is reckless.

”How is the light expected to shine
when you keep the curtains closed?”

“When we are in our head, we are dead”, we are dead to the wonder of this world, we are dead to the beauty of this world, where that to the clarity of decision making and TRUE PEACE that comes from following our heart. To get in touch with our feelings, our heart is the way to unlock all of our true potential, peace and clarity: our heart knows the way. Follow the gut. Follow the intuition. If we feel like it’s right, follow that feeling. Get out of your head and into your heart intuition, our following our heart to act on sudden inspiration, has such a negative connotation in society. We are expected to think with our heads and be “practical”, but being practical on logical will never lead to true fulfillment or happiness, we can only get that we live fully as we are AUTHENTIC SELF and follow our heart, even if that doesn’t suit those around us.

                                                         Jim Carrey said:

” So many of us to start out of fear disguised as practically”.

As a society we are so conditioned to conform to “society standards”, which discourages us from following our intuition, from following our heart. We take the “practical Road” it is safe. Less risky. But when we suppress the desire to act on divine inspiration, we build up tension so great in our soul that we begin to experience lower states of emotion, including depression, anxiety and disappointment. We miss our path. And for what so that we can feel “safe”? So that we can have predictability? Sure, predictability and safety have their benefits but if our heart calls and we choose to ignore it, the consequences may far outweigh the benefits. Our heart will lead us to our authentic self. Consider someone who is being pressured within a family to join the ” family business”. To do what generation after generation in his family have done. The crowd and be ‘safe’ or will he DARE to pursue other avenues despite the hardships that may follow? When feeling go compelled, get scared, to take the road unpaved or “unapproved” ask yourself the tough questions and be honest with yourself: Is the some other purpose for me in life, other than meeting other people’s needs and doing what is “expected” of me?

No matter who you are or where are you from ,your future is up to you.

Am I more concerned with how other view me rather than my own happiness. Am I suppressing my true desires? What will the effects of long-term suppression be, versus the effect of short-term acceptance” bye friends, family and Society? Each of us is gifted with talents and skills which can be identified by looking at the things we are passionate about and inspired to do. Buy suppressing and turning away from the passions and impulses we are DENYING the DIVINE ACCESS to powerful creation that exists inside all of us. We are all here for a purpose, that purpose sometimes does not, at least initially, looks so practical. It must be FELT, within the heart. We ALWAYS have the answer inside us. Everything we need is inside us. Just follow the heart and don’t confuse with the voices in our head, and around us with the guidance of our wiser, more powerful HEART.

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary DESTINY.

Our destiny cannot be received if our mind is stuck in our history. Learn from the past, live in the present in create future. People will try to put you down because they feel down about themselves… don’t let that energy mess with us. Destiny never occurs without our participation. This means that our future is always changing and that our destiny can drastically change course at any moment in time when you meet your destiny, show up with all you have got.


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