Learn from the lives of Some successful Entrepreneurs who knew that “Nothing will ever be perfect, it is your will that makes everything work”.

People who are facing problems now, don’t know what lies ahead. They just keep worrying about their future. The question is, why worry about something which you cannot be sure about? Your future is not determined by the problems you face today. However, it can be shaped according to your actions as the result of these problems. What I am trying to say is that people should worry about their present and future, as it is natural, but worrying should be leading you to take actions towards the solution, not depression. To give you the idea of what I am talking about, let’s see the life of people who were surrounded by rejections and problems, yet they succeed.

Steve Jobs:

The legendary Steve Jobs, famous for giving us revolutionary Apple products was not always like this from the start. He was a drug addict when he was younger, and you all can imagine how it destroys one’s life, yet he came out of that addiction and focused on his tech career. When he launched Apple, it was started in a garage. After his struggle, apple became a brick and mortar company but then due to his temper and pushy behavior which made employees come to the office at late nights for meetings; he was fired from his own company. The company he built with all of his life’s struggle, kicked him in seconds. Did he give up? No, instead he founded another company called Next. But later on, Apple did not do any good without Steve. Apple bought Next and hired Steve back.

Jack Ma:

The man who is famous for getting rejected at every step of his life is the wealthiest person in China. But, his journey was not a piece of cake. He belonged to a destitute family and barely had money for his studies. But somehow he managed to get a Masters in English. Let’s see the list of his rejections:

• First, he failed in school exams two times

• Then he failed three times in university entrance exams

• He tried to get into Harvard 10 times but was rejected every single time.

• Tried to get into Police, rejected because of his physique.

• Tried to get a job, and was rejected 30 times.

• When KFC first came to China, 24 people went for interview including him, 23 were selected and he was the only one rejected.

This ladies and gentlemen is Jack Ma for you, the Founder of E-commerce giant Alibaba and the 33rd richest person in the world. Still, think you are not good enough? Don’t let rejections in life stop you. Because rejection is just someone else’s opinion about you and that’s it! You know yourself better, grind hard for your dreams, and you will be the next Jack Ma.

Robert Downey Jr

The man who we know as Ironman because of the role of Tony stark he played in that movie is one of the highest paid celebrities in Hollywood. He is recognized by the whole world because of the impeccable roles he played in movies like Ironman, Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, etc. But he was not always a perfect person. At the age of 6 he was introduced to drugs, and at the age of 8, he was addicted to them. He loved a woman, and their relationship went on for seven years, but then things got out of control, and he lost her. And that made him lost control from himself, and his drug addiction got more intense.

He got into the world of crime and was sent to jail. In jail, he was beaten by other prisoners several times, and on some occasions, he even woke up drenched in his blood. Also after he came out of jail, things didn’t work out, and his wife left him.

He had no family and money. There were times when he spent his days, earning 8 cents an hour scrubbing Pizza Pans just to feed himself. Then in 2001 he met an amazing woman and fell in love with her. But her condition to marry him was that he give up on his drugs addiction.

Now see, the man whose life was a complete disaster because of his drug addiction and he wasn’t doing anything to change, that, why? Because he had no reason to. But as soon as the woman he loved gave him a solid reason, he gave up on drugs, which took him two years. But he had a goal to achieve and had the determination to survive, so he didn’t give up, even on time, when most people commit suicide, he was standing. This story is enough to tell you the importance of working towards your goal and never giving up.

Muniba Mazari

The iron lady of Pakistan is a depiction of how strong one can be, even when the strong tides of time are desperately trying to wash you away. She was with her husband going somewhere when they met with an accident, which paralyzed her legs and doctors also told her that she will not be able to become a mother. Her husband left her right away.

But “bad luck” did not end there, her only hope, her father, also left her to live in agony on the hospital bed. She spent 2 years in a hospital bed thinking about what to do with her life.

But when she had thousands of reasons to give up on life, she made a reason to live and became a role model for others. She is now a 1st woman UN ambassador in Pakistan and the 1st wheelchair bound model. Do you still think bad luck exists?

Nawaz Uddin Siddique:

The versatile actor of Bollywood industry who has made a name for himself in a small span of time was once unable to pay rent of his apartment and shifted with his senior on the condition to cook meals for him.

He had the passion of becoming an actor but was rejected most of the times due to his looks. At times of depression and rejection, he had no support and was always teased by his friends because he went to become an actor and returned empty handed.

After so many rejections and heartbreaking moments, he didn’t stop getting up every time life pinned him down. After years of struggle, he started getting good films and finally won the best actor award of 2012.                                                                                                   

Still, think you need someone’s support?

Dear readers, this post is not about inspiring you to be like these people. It is just to let you know that if you have a dream and you work hard on it. No matter how bad your life becomes, you will get what you are working for.

Life is like a hot sand at the beach in the summer, after you cross the sand, you will have clear, and soothing cool water to relax.      

                      NEVER GIVE UP!!


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