Launch Your Dream..!!

Even if the mirror shatter or the walls come crashing down, you have to stand still. Don’t surrender yet like rest of the world. You still have a brawling chance, place your bet. You will see that this is worth it, for you will win, so don’t give up and keep giving that grin.

<!–– –>
If you can dream it, you can do it.

I laughed so hard as I remember the goals and dreams I once had…?

Oh, they were so easy to conjure up– but back then, I didn’t factor my emotions, I didn’t factor in life’s twist and turns and I didn’t factor in my wavering, unsteady, unreliable, motivation…

Yeah, I wanted to get some high grades and maybe I had a career in mind, one that would test my limits and dedication and drive., but…ummm…. NEWSFLASH!!!

<!–– –>
A goal is a dream with a deadline…

I actually don’t give a damn anymore- Twelve year old me, you give me a good laugh because of the strong stench of naivety that followed you everywhere, but I don’t blame you…. because maybe deep down somewhere hidden, I hoard those same goals and dreams, so I don’t blame you, for one year later, I still hold onto the same hopes you did- but now, I realized that it’s almost impossible I can’t do it, it’s a mountain peak that I don’t think I’ll ever reach. And yet, I wonder what sights would be visible from up there. Would I reach a volta in my life? – like that of a sonnet – Would the tone of my life change? Would the sad and negative thoughts fade out? I’ve declared it as impossible, I wonder if it would be worth all the efforts, for me to surpass, twelve years old. Me’s goals and chase her dreams running flat out, giving it my all, would it be worth it all?

<!–– –>
A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.

                                                      It’s Slippery,          It’s Risky,            Dangerous,           Challenging —–

It’s way more than I can take on but yet, I want to climb that mountain, I want to attempt what is obviously impossible for me to achieve…. That’s when I took the best decision of my life and something inside my head screamed ” YOU CAN DO IT!!” because there’s a dash of craziness in my blood, coursing through my veins is insanity– because I don’t know why else I would dare to do this impossible.


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