Learning to appreciate

Everyone needs recognition for what he does. A child in school is happy when the teacher tells him, “Child, you have done well.” When a boy gets good marks in the exams he is happy if his father tells him, “I am proud of you, my son.” Your mother is very happy when your father praises the food she has prepared. Do you praise others as your teacher or your father does? Do you even praise and thank god for all that he has done for you?

God, who created us, is wonderful. He is loving, caring, forgiving and is always ready to help us. We never appreciate him enough. We can begin to do so by talking to him, listening to him, worshipping him, loving him and thanking him for what we are and for all that we have.

Imagine that you did very well in a class test. You know you will get good marks. Imagine that your teacher just puts a tick mark and gives the answer sheet back to you without giving any marks. Or imagine that you stood first in your class. You show your progress card to your father. Your father just signs it and gives it back to you without saying anything. What would your reaction be? You would feel angry, sad, and dissatisfied.

Appreciation makes us happy. It gives us a sense of satisfaction. We are happy when our father or our teacher shows us his appreciation. We must in the same way learn to appreciate the good things in others.

Kusang Sherap was a Tibetan refugee. He married Nalomit Lapcha of Sikkim, and they had a son, Samdruk in 1969. The mother and child lived at Kathmandu while the father worked with the Tibetan refugees at Pokhara. When he came home in 1970 to spend some time with his family, he found his house empty. Sherap started searching for his wife and child, but never found them. In 1972 he settled down in France, but he would come back to India and Nepal frequently to continue his search for his family. In 2004 he made the trip for the last time. Sherap was by then 63 years old, but in all this while he never remarried. He spent all his money looking for his wife and son.

That was his way of showing appreciation of them. We can show appreciation of the prople we love through our words of gratitude and praise.

Appreciation can encourage a person greatly. Praise makes him happy, and he wants to do more. He tries to improve on himself.

One evening a man and his wife were walking in the garden. He then said to her, “I always like the way you walk.” “Goodness! I walk like anyone else”, the wife thought. But from that day every step she takes gives her special pleasure. She now walks happily and very beautifully.

We also need to appreciate ourselves. There is nothing wrong in being proud of something good that we have done. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and makes us happy. It makes us want to do even better the next time.



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