Lets Know Some TacTics for Monsoon.. The dilwala mausam

Rain rain don’t go away…. Come here again n again… As we all know monsoons are on a bang now and who doesn’t love it… Its dewy smell… Thundering sounds….. That awesome weather to roam and moreover the pleasure…. But that’ s not all about it… 

Lets know about our lovely weather a little more… Here are some Dos n Don’ts  for this weather…  

  Drink  water n be hydrated enough..

As monsoons brings moisture in the land many bacterias and worms arise due to it which give rise to many diseases  so it is advisable  drink more water as it strengthens our immune system and make it resist the attack of the diseases.  

  Outdoor tricks…. 

Whenever you are going out carry an umbrella with you… Besides that water proof hoodies and raincoats will also work to keep you away from rain.  While travelling or going by roads always watch out the  holes  filled with water…. Traffic jams are so normal so carry snacks or eatables while travelling and for a long drive you can play your favourite monsoon track and enjoy with it rain..

 Electronic Disasters… 

As we all know that water is a good conductor of electricity so stay away from electric switches and meters when there is a heavy rainfall… so to avoid any shocks which can be dangerous for us…

 Monsoon disasters claim dozens of lives in India, Nepal

 Tripe mood

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A must do thing on a road trip in this jolly weather is to put on your favourite playlist and just enjoy it with your special someone, friends, relatives, etc…. 

20 Road Trips Every Biker Ought To Take This Monsoon.. 

  Healthy snacks for monsoon…. 

Check out some more healthy snacks.. 

This weather not only delights our soul by its various pleasures but also increase our food cravings especially for spicy chatpata food like samosa, dal ki pakori n all those stuffs but they can make us suffer n can endanger our health…

So as a remedy there is a list of healthy snacks which you can intake during monsoons:-

  1. ‌steamed corn
  2. ‌baked garlic bread
  3. ‌nuggets
  4. ‌Roti Rolls
  5. ‌Peanuts
  6. ‌Soups
  7. ‌Pakore made at home and so on….

  Indoor tips and tricks…

  • When it is raining too much and you don’t wanna affect your health these indoor games can also help you to enjoy this weather. 
  • ‌Playing with paper boats
  • ‌Monopoly with a cup of tea at window site
  • ‌Tic Tac Toe
  • Video games
  • ‌U can click selfies with a raining view visible through window.. N much more stuffs can be done….

Monsoons are a sign of relief, gift to us given to us by god after the breathtaking summers so that we relax ourselves.. So why not enjoy it to its fullest but wait after taking in considerations the DOS n Don’ts so that we enjoy it and at the same time be save…

Have a Marvellous Monsoon???


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