The problem with society these days is that everybody’s 

Get their nose in a screen and nobody takes time to

Get to know the people who live around them.

Electronics are cluttering our lives!

In the old days , people were just a while lot TOUGHER

 than they are today!

Human beings have EVOLVED,

And  we need things like electric toothbrush and 

soft-serve icecream to survive.

I bet our ancestors would be pretty much disappointed

 with the way we turned out .

We’ve got so spoiled that pretty soon we won’t even have to leave

Our homes if we don’t want to!

In fact, the way we’re headed I’ll bet a thousand years from now 

Human beings won’t even have SPINES.

And who KNOWS what crazy thing someone’s gonna

Come up with next to make life easier!

Dad says, back then when he was growing up, in the summertime, 

kids played outside all day until they got called home for dinner.

Well, that’s pretty OPPOSITE,  

where all i do is watch movies for eight hours.

Mom’s always saying that when she was younger it was great

Because everybody knew everyone in the town and

it was like on GIANT FAMILY!

Grown-ups are always talking about the “GOOD OLD DAYS”

and how things were so much better when they were kids!

MY GENERATION  has all this fancy technology and stuff

That the grown ups didn’t have!


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