Life lessons we can learn from Mumbaikar Nikhil (India’s famous YouTuber)

Mumbaikar Nikhil is an Indian YouTuber. He Vblogs daily on YouTube and has over 1.1 million subscribers. You can follow Nikhil Sharma on Instagram here – Nikhil Sharma 

Here is the life story of Mumbaikar Nikhil from an average student to India’s one of the most famous YouTuber.



Life lessons we can learn from the life of Mumbaikar Nikhil:

1  When Nikhil was in his mother’s womb; he was not healthy. Doctors told his father that they can either save the mother or the child. Nikhil’s father was ready for abortion but his mother was not. His mother’s love for him was blind. Remember that great people always face obstacles; even before they are born. Even Hitler’s mum wanted an abortion but her doctor talked her into keeping the baby.

जिंदगी में तपिश कितनी भी हो कभी हताश मत होना
क्योंकि धूप कितनी भी तेज हो समंदर कभी सूखा नहीं करते

2. He was very confused in his 12th standard about what to do in life. He joined a hotel management course but soon after; he was dealing was depression and anxiety as he didn’t have much interest in his course, and he his girlfriend also left him. At that time, he gave interviews for JetAirways and Qatar Airways and cracked both the interviews. This is life; you may find that things are going adversely but don’t feel disappointed; just go out, try new things and you will find new ways to be successful. Remember, life is like a piano keyboard; it has a black and white key. The white keys are like good days and the black keys are like bad days but to produce good music, both keys must be played simultaneously.

बारिश की बूँदें भले ही छोटी हों..
लेकिन उनका लगातार बरसना
बड़ी नदियों का बहाव बन जाता है…
वैसे ही हमारे छोटे छोटे प्रयास भी
जिंदगी में बड़ा परिवर्तन ला सकते हैं…

3. While working for Qatar Airways; Nikhil developed a passion for traveling and photography. After working for Qatar Airways, he wanted to do something of his own. After starting a few businesses and investing a lot of money, he failed miserably. He finally decided to go back to his job again. The next morning, just when he was about to leave for his job his father died and he couldn’t go back to his job. After this incident, he decided to run his father’s business and simultaneously do something of his own. He made some new friends while working. In life, you make plans but know that God has already written a destiny for you and you don’t know what path and difficulties you have to go through to reach that destiny. Nikhil lost his father and it was a great loss for him and his family but if that incident hadn’t happened; Nikhil would have gone back to his job and Mumbaikar Nikhil would never have been born.

सारे सबक किताबों में नहीं मिलते यारो
कुछ सबक जिंदगी भी सिखाती है

4. Mumbaikar Nikhil started making videos on YouTube. As it mostly happens, nobody achieves success in his/her first attempt. Nikhil’s audience didn’t like his videos and he also didn’t get many views but Nikhil didn’t give up and he continuously made videos. Finally, his video ‘From Mumbai to Ajmer’ got viral. After that, he never stopped making videos. Today he gets more than 1 crore views on his Youtube channel monthly and he has become the brand ambassador for many popular brands.

गिरते रहो, भटकते रहो, सीखते रहो लेकिन कभी हार मत मानो



You will have to face many obstacles and you will face times when nothing will go according to your plans. You will feel depressed, sad and frustrated but at these times, do not give up. Nikhil was just a 12th pass. He never performed well at school and did not have any unique skills but today he is more successful than most of us. One thing that I personally like about him is that he always followed his heart and kept on trying new things. He tried his hand in business but failed miserably. He faced many failures in life but he kept on trying new things and now he is one of the most successful Indian Youtubers. So, no matter what happens, don’t give up because it’s better to try and fail than regret later on in life.

पानी की बूंद जब समुन्दर में होती है तब उसका कोई अस्तित्व नहीं होता
लेकिन जब वो बूँद पत्ते पर होती है तो मोती की तरह चमकती है
आपको भी जीवन में ऐसा मुकाम हासिल करना है जहाँ मोती की तरह चमको
क्योंकि भीड़ में पहचान दब जाती है 

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