Impacts and importance of “Termites”

Termites are come from the order Isoptera. Which live in groups hence they are social an insect. Followings are the impacts and importance of “termites”.

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Impacts and importance of “Termites”

Termites have a dense body. They may be either winged or wingless. They do not have any distinction between thorax and abdomen.


The queen will lay the eggs. Depending on the mass of the colony, the queen can lay between 100 and 1000 eggs every single day. The egg takes 30 days to hatch and later after the process they emerge as larvae.


The larvae are immature young termites. Mature labors comfort and feed the larvae. Based on the food that is fed to the larvae, they mature into king, queen, workers or soldiers. The emerged larvae undergo many molts to reach the adult stage.


The termite larvae grow into nymphs. Nymphs are the middle stage, which matures into one of the two types of generative termites.  Nymphs help in the maintenance of  the larvae before development.

Impacts and importance of “Termites”


Workers are answerable for many roles like food storage, serving the queen and building nest for the colony. They are mostly performing the digestion of cellouse. The termites that are seen consuming the wood are worker termites. Matured worker are also responsible for feeding larvae. They are incapable of reproduction. When termites reach the worker stage, they cannot grow any further. Their lifespan is 1 to 2 years. The huge workers mostly do the dense works, while the small workers go with more gentle tasks; the workers are about 80% of total population.

Impacts and importance of “Termites”


Defense is the key duty of the soldiers .soldier termites are actually right for defense.  Victims are surrounded with the help of jaws and after trapping them it emits a liquid chemical matter which used to arrest the victims. Ant is the mutual enemy for termites .Like termites ants too have soldiers for their defense. Soldier can’t eat. So, they require workers to deliver them with food. At the same time they are sterile as like labors. Soldier termites generally live for 1 to 2 years.


King and queen are responsible for the reproduction. At adulthood, they own two wings of equal size, after swarm flying they shed their wings and produce a new group. Queen is the largest of all and if queen dies then the place is exchanged by the new queen.

Impacts and importance of “Termites”

Flying termites

Flying termites have an unique appearance unlike other insects

Depending upon the species the color varies. They have two projections and a pair of wings of equal length. The wings are luminous in color with the presence of veins. Flying ants and flying termites are alike in shape, size and color.

Economic importance

Termites are the amusing  because they have basic proteins, essential amino acids such as tryptophan, and raw materials like iron and calcium.

Termites help to improve the production in agriculture by enriching the close soil.

Termites are cooked and eaten as food in rainy season.

It can be used for the dealing of asthma, malnutrition, pregnancy illness in women and wounds.

Hold on!

Termites are very minor beings which live their life with coordination, good government, strong defense, and mainly with unity, with the help of 2 senses. But luckily we are humans with 6 senses, if we survive with any one character of termites, we can also get a positive life in the earth, like life of termites.


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