lust with a pinch of love

I visit my past

Now and then

I gotta these visions

Thats unexplainable 

i get mad thoughts

Negative af

but i put on your leg so 

someday I’m so dead inside

But nobody feeling shit

Its not a new thing to me

All my losses be great experience 

I’m just so impatient 

but anyways I’m working on that shit

one day at a time

people everywhere, 

tryna take advantage of you. 

Like what the fuck has this world come 

down to? 

it sucks man. 

I’m sorry if I’ve ever let anyone down 

but i ain’t sorry again

cuz my new grind be new ways

But I’m so fucking reborn 

  1. So stop highlighting my sins bitch,  like Youre any better ?

You shot me down when j confessed my love for you! 

You didn’t pick up my call when i was in my deathbed, 

Who were you fucking hoe???? 

I don’t love you no more. 

So imma leave you. 

I’ve been blessed 

I’ve been dissed, 

I’ve seen alot of shit. 

I know lotta of shit.

i don’t know much too,

But now who cares! 

I’m living my life 

im rebuilding my goal?

My consciousness is expanding,

My skills be loud,

but my mind man, 

Its supremely motherfucking fucked up,

with all the slangs and all the nasty shit.

And by this people get enchanted by me, 

and then they dont like it when

 they get close to me.

But i never get tired of of wearing this mask. 

This mask is what protects me. 

Im super fucking complexx?

i be ready to cope with your vibe but, 

if you try to judge me, 

you a fuckface, 

and in case you happen to love me 

prepare to get hurt.

Im sick that way. 

But when its come to mingling vibe

im  absofuckinlutely good in that

because in the end nothing matters. 

learn to selectively indulge

thats the goddamn solution

Pee talk big

but they don’t think big. 

thats what makes me less humble

The fucking stupidity

even your best friend,

can fuck you over

so stop getting attached 

and if it is not easy for you then be ready to get hurt in bulk

Family is everything, 

gods love is all what i need and what i have?


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