Impacts and importance of “Sapphire”.

 It is a crystal clear and a precious gemstone and it is selected from the mineral corundum (Aluminum oxide). The following are the impacts and importance of sapphire.

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Impacts and importance of “Sapphire”

“Sapphire” in Greek means ‘blue stone’. Some linguists suggest that the word has been derived from Sanskrit. The stone is normally blue in color, but also exists in many colors like pink, yellow, green, etc. Sapphire does not appear in red color because if the stone appears red it is ruby. The unevenness in the distribution of colors in the stone are  due to the deviation in the number of elements present such as iron, titanium, uranium, copper, and magnesium. These collectively form the sapphire (gemstone). According to Aron stein, Fine value sapphires are only found in three places on the entire planet; Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The blue sapphire from Myanmar is highly rated by serious collectors. Throughout history, sapphires have also been associated with women’s beauty and fidelity.

Symbol of Love and Royalty

Sapphires have also long been related with royalty and romance. They are used as engagement rings by royal families.  It is also a predominant feature in the British crown jewels.

Impacts and importance of “Sapphire”.

Class of Sapphire

There are two classes of sapphire as mentioned in the modern articles : constructional and functional. Constructional sapphire is used for the creation of products with great driven stability. The functional sapphire has an actual structure, i.e. electrical, optical and current properties. Sapphire is a multi-functional material. They do not disturb the environment. Compared to other materials, sapphire has higher weathering and radiation resistance.

Impacts and importance of “Sapphire”.

Star Sapphire

Some of the best, well-known sapphires in the history are the ‘star sapphires’, a rare formula of precious stone. Identical needle like parts in the gemstone appear like a star within the jewel. There are diverse color ranging from blue and pink, orange, yellow, green, lavender, gray and black. Mostly, star sapphire exhibits white colored star. Star sapphire form in Thailand is well-known for its gold-colored asterism.

In six rays star sapphire, the star effect appears obviously under the natural light, but it can also be seen using a strong source of light like pen light or halogen bulbs. Star sapphire is naturally durable and measured to be one of the hardest materials on the earth. It is slightly weaker than diamond.

Impacts and importance of “Sapphire”.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Star sapphires are breakable. So care should be taken while re cutting and fixing. For washing, it is best to use warm foamy water and a soft cloth can be used for wiping. Shaking and heat can damage the stones. Before performing the act of exercising, washing or any harsh physical activity, it is advisable to remove, in order to protect them from damage. Do not expose the star sapphires to the acids and store them away from other gemstones  to avoid scrapes. It is best to cover it with cloth and place them private or keep them in a fabric-lined jewel box.


Sapphire appeals every attention easily; at the same period it wins their heart by exhibiting different features, that is the impacts and importance of sapphire.

Impacts and importance of “Sapphire”.


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