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  • And I agreemaybe you will never fall for meBecause my symphony of imaginationand your series of thoughts never rhymeAnd yes it’s an atrocious crave to want youwhen I know you can’t be mine But when when our hands…

  • mugdha_pande wrote a new post, Tears 1 year ago

    Falling down from eye,
    Telling truths we cannot deny,
    Rolling over the face
    Like passing through a maze
    Of our craze
    Lost in thoughts deep inside
    A sharp pain we are trying to hide
    A web that is bizarre…

  • mugdha_pande wrote a new post, SHE 1 year ago

    “Yes, I am ALWAYS told to be soft and gentle whenever I greet
    And be calm and quiet whenever someone meet.
    I’m often seen as dim, flimsy and lack strong force
    Well!! Hello there you need to recheck your res…

  • Shut your eyes
    Let silence actualize
    The real happiness and peace
    In a zone of comfort and ease
    Let the silence spread it’s spark
    Because the magic it embark
    Is gonna take you away from dark
    Just for a moment, l…

  • mugdha_pande recommended the post HOPE 1 year, 1 month ago

  • When devilish shaped thought trap your mind
    In a perplexing maze, with no way out to find
    When, in a plot of flowers, lively and adorn
    The only thing you notice is a spiky thorn
    When you feel so dark

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  • You were my favorite intoxication,never realized it was a poison,killing me inside outbut still I wanted you without a doubt we’ll be together,forever what about these promises?you lied,I cried,then I tried,to make…

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  • mugdha_pande‘s profile was updated 1 year, 1 month ago

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