Menstrual Taboos!

4-7 days a month, every women undergoes menstruation which is completely a natural phenomena but the Taboos regarding Menstrual cycles Or Periods haven’t been desisted since eternity!

Here’s how some of the taboos/rules regarding “what to do and what not” originated:

  • “Menstruating women have to remain in seclusion until their period is over”

Today, this taboo is practiced in the rural or by some of the traditional families giving the reason that women during menstrual cycles are impure, unclean or dirty and hence they need to be secluded. 

FACT: It was believed that menstruating women hold special powers during this time, which if not used properly could cause harm to others. Also, the practical reasons was that of predatory animals smelling the blood in those time and coming for the kill, caused these women being kept in seclusion to protect the community.

We may consider this illogical but, this belief has an underlying fact which makes it the most followed Taboo till today!

When we are on our Menstrual cycle, our body’s energy flows downwards towards our feet and the earth, while at the same time the energy at religious places or a religious gathering goes upwards. This opposite transfer of energies can bring discomfort in our body.

  • “Exercising during menstrual period is UNHEALTHY”

Before moving forward, I would consider you to read about this lady who ran a marathon while she was on her periods.

Women during these time are generally suggested to take rest, stay at home, and not to socialize. But, this is a normal function; your period are not a disability. We can do anything during our period just as we do on normal days. In fact, exercising helps in decreasing menstrual cramps.

  • “Women on menstrual cycles aren’t allowed to enter the Kitchen”

During ancient time, water facilities weren’t advanced and women were supposed to fetch water from wells or any other water body, which led to more flow of blood! Also, since women during those time were not aware about how to maintain proper hygiene during their cycle thus,the ladies were prohibited from touching water bodies as well considering the health of other people.

Reading about such issue, ladies we have to realize the need to raise awareness, break myths, challenge beliefs regarding menstruation. It will not only enhance the quality of life for women but also help them to keep themselves hygienic and healthy!


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