Mercy Killing

The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.

Ever heard about doctors killing their patients? Mercy Killing or Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain or suffering. Techniques of active euthanasia range from gunfire to lethal injection, while passive euthanasia can be achieved by failing to treat a pneumonia or by withholding  or withdrawing ventilatory support.

Patients who are suffering from terminal disease, become hopeless and disappointed to such an extent that they want to end their lives rather to continue the same under such pathetic circumstances. 

On 7 March 2018, the Supreme Court of India legalized passive euthanasia by means of the withdrawal of life support to patients in a  permanent vegetative state. The decision was made as part of the verdict in a case involving Aruna Shanbaug, who had been in a Persistent Vegetative State (PVS) until her death in 2015.

Killing someone is the ultimate crime, while on the other hand, killing someone in uniform is fulfillment of duty.

Now on one side, Euthanasia should be legalized because :-

  •  People have the right to die.
  •  People have the explicit right to choose.
  •  Euthanasia protects self-hood and human dignity
  • Everyone has a right to a good death, therefore a good death must not be denied to those who want one.

Well now a days as we know not every single disease is curable. The patients who are suffering from 3rd stage cancer, Lukemia, AIDS don’t have any hopes that they will survive because these people are terminally ill and have no cure of their diseases which is the reason they can choose whether to live or quit.

But if we look at the other side of the picture, legalizing mercy killing is against the humane nature according to certain people. Religious opponents of euthanasia believe that life is given by God , and only God should decide when to end it.

To kill another person deliberately is murder or manslaughter, even if the other person asks you to kill them.

Stella Young said “The killing of a disabled person is not ‘compassionate’. It is not ‘euthanasia’. It is murder.”

The reasons why mercy killing should not be legalized include :-

  •  Euthanasia Destroy Patient Trust In The Medical Profession.
  • Euthanasia undermines Medical Research.
  •  Legalization Of Euthanasia Sends A Message That Life Is Not Worth Living.
  •  Euthanasia Encourages Vulnerable People To End Their Lives.

To Save A Man’s Life Against His Will Is Same As Killing Him. Therefore if a person is himself willing to end the life which he is suffering from, he should be given a peaceful death.


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