Most haunted places in India

India is often considered as a land of undiscovered mystery. For centuries, travellers from around the world who have made their journey to India have been fascinated by the mystical energy that surrounds the country. From religious practices to rituals that are quintessentially Indian, these traits have made India a popular tourist destination. Therefore, when it comes to listing the most haunted places in India, there is not better country to start with.

These abandoned places in India have become places of interest for those who are fascinated by the supernatural. For those who are too afraid to visit these places in person, reading about and sharing stories of these mysterious places in India might be the next best thing!

It should also be noted that these ghostly places in India have come under the spotlight as they have been visited by ‘supernatural detectives’ wanting to experience or debunk the strange events occurring here. In fact, these modern-day ‘ghostbusters’ camp in these places overnight to record any strange occurrences which they then monitor before they come to any final conclusions.

If you believe in life, you must believe in death. If you believe in God, you must believe in Satan. If you believe in the alive, you must believe in the dead. And if you believe in the dead, the real ghost stories in India that have been mentioned in this piece are going to scare the hell out of you.

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Indian ghost town of Bhangarh-Ajabgarh Rajasthan

The Indian ghost town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan is one of the scariest places in India to visit, in addition to being one of the most abandoned places in India. However, this tag has not perturbed visitors from making frequent trips to this ghost town. Located near a famous forest in the area, this town is now slowly luring visitors from around the area and country, to visit it. However, it should be noted that if you decide to visit the town after sunset, you will not be allowed. In fact there is a strict warning that it is out of bounds after the sun sets.

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Bombay supreme court- Bombay

For over 30 years whenever a murder trial is conducted here a vengeful bilingual ghost makes itself known by cursing and terrorizing anyone brave enough to enter.

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Sanjay van( near institutional area)- New Delhi

Sanjay van is a huge area spead over around 10 kms. There is a cremation ground also there, many people have reported having seen a lady dressed in a white saree appearing and disappearing suddenly.

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Jatinga- Assam

Mass suicide has always managed to freak to freak us out. Imagine walking on a road and watching birds fall to death. These are mass suicide committed by birds. Jatinga a village in Assam has witnessed this paranormal phenomenon for years.

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Kalpalli cemetery-Bangalore

The kalpalli cemetery is situated in the old Madras road in Bengaluru. It is also known as St.john’s cemetery. The sources state that, those who traverse on this road have come across a ghost like entity at this ceremetry.

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Khairatabad science college- Hyderabad

Khairatabad science college is one of the most well known hauted places in India. This building is very old and had been deserted for a very long period. They say that when this college was abandoned they did not dispose the dead bodies properly, which could be a reason behind the hunting. People got even more alarmed, when a security guard at the college died strangely, while on duty.

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Demonte colony –Chennai

Built by John De Monte, this entire colony with ten identical houses is haunted by his spirit and is one of the most popular haunted places in Chennai. Located near St. Mary’s road, demonte colony in Chennai is one of the most feared areas of this old city. Wandering ghosts and spirits are peculiar to this place. There have been instances. Old, branched trees and spooky houses with a mysterious appearance all together add up to the hunted air of De Monte colony.

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Trichur forest- kerala (trichur)

The mounting popularity of camping and trekking has led to more and more travellers making their way though these woods. Some courageous people have witnessed the ghost of a 7 year old boy, sitting alone on an empty spot, looking in the obscurity. The natives believe it to be a friendly spirit who causes no harm if not disturbed.

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