Movie under the stars 

If you’re a true romantic at heart and crave for an evening out under the stars, look no further than the drive-in theatre in Bengaluru.

An open-air cinema with movie screenings under a blanket of stars and a cool breeze blowing in your face, how could we not crave for such an evening?

Theatres are passed, so is binging on Netflix at home. Here’s how it should be done! Magic Moments and Lonely Cow Entertainment brings you Under the Stars – an open-air cinematic festival in Bangalore. Screenings of some top movies, some fun live music, food trucks to satiate you while you’re watching; set amidst lush green environs. Remember to bring your blankets and quilts to beat the chill and create magical memories, under the stars!

In a bid to reawaken the romantic within, the organizers set out to explore the concept of a regular drive-in cinema in Bangalore, to make the most of the pleasant weather the city offers most of the year. “We realized it’s not so much about the movie being screened or the music being played or the food being offered… It’s about the experience as a whole: sitting in a lush green field, watching the movie you love, munching on the food you like… all under a canopy of a billion shining stars, breaking away from the commotion of the city for a while.”,

They have packages for couples and singles respectively which will include beanbags, popcorn and a beverage of your choice.

Address: One Dream Sports Ground, Near BB Jewelers, Dommasandra, off-Sarjapura Road, Bangalore 562125

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