MY CLOTHES DOESN’T EXHIBIT MY WORTH -The lenght of my skirt is a measure of my CHARACTER ! If I wear tight tees or fitted clothes it means that I want to show people how SEXY I am . 

my tight clothes and jeans has now became the CAUSES OF RAPE  .

India a land of various cultures and traditions but if I am a girl with MODERN THINKINGS and WESTERN CULTURE , it would mean that I am not from a “IZZATDAR GHAR”

If I post my pictures on any social networking sites in small clothes then it is the reason of increasing RAPE THREATS on my social media . Now I have to choose my clothes according to my neighborhood aunties ! so they didn’t get any chance to ALLUDE my dressing sense . 

let me BE MYSELF now , let me ask those people and aunties who have these thinking about me “WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME ? , WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHAT’S WRONG AND WHAT’S RIGHT FOR ME ? , WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHAT TO WEAR OR WHAT NOT  ? ” , if the aunties are worried that my small clothes are for IMMERSION of their sons then they should be the one to teach their sons how to respect a girl inspect of her color , size , shape and especially clothes . 

These assaults doesn’t finish only on a common girl like me but it also ENTANGLE those great women’s of bollywood who inspire us with their hard work . One example is of Dangal star FATIMA SANA SAIKH who post a picture of her on social media FLAUNTING her legs in bikini . So what if she worked extremely hard for her movie which did exceptionally well ! No one talks about her work but only her legs. That is because she is a BESHARAM LADKI , daring to wear a bikini, that too on a beach.

It is only one example from many , if I start then there will be an never ending cases of sexual harassments and assaults against girls at every pace of india . But for me , It is not my small clothes which are making the society GRIMMY , it is the small thinking of people who is making the society DREADFUL for me . 

This one is for all the people and those aunties of this country – if my small clothes give me confidence to be an INDEPENDENT GIRL I will wear them , if my small clothes give me HAPPINESS I will wear them . It is me who chooses to wear them not anyone BETWIXT you .

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