Negative impacts of steroids on the body


Steroids are some type of  drugs which generally used by athletes to increase their muscle growth as well as to give them more strength!

Steroids are generally taken by any person to get the best results at much fast rate and didn’t even just think for a second that what REAL cost these steroids are costing you for this…

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So here’s how it is affecting your body•••

Steroids are known to cause side effects on the person’s face who is consuming it on daily basis. So individual will have to conquer face redness, swollen, pimples etc.

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Every individual tend to have  pain in their brain as various studies have showed it causes very intense behavioral changes within our body and mood swings are common in it.

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Steroids also lead to hair loss as studies have showed that taking steroids promotes hair baldness in both male and females.

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Steroids also inhibit the growth of Bones in human body by which an individual can face less develop height in his/her adolescent age.

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Steroids also known for causing odema in humans body which is a condition in which users may appeared to feel bloated.

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Steroids also promotes impotence! Yes you heard right as it hampers the normal growth of testes as it stops the production of testosterone.


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