You dream of doing the impossible, you want to be the greatest, you want all the luxuries that this life has to offer, but are you doing everything you can? You know you can’t get all that you want by wishing, you know you have to get up and work hard for it, but are you lying to yourself that one day all that you want will be yours? You lie to yourself to make your life a little easier and to avoid pain. A lie that you tell yourself today, can destroy your career, life, relationships tomorrow. If you continue lying to yourself, then it will ease your pain today but will cause you untold amounts of pain tomorrow.

Don’t make your future painful for today’s comfort but go through pain today, so you can have a comfortable life tomorrow.

-Agraj Agarwal


What is your reply when your parents ask you, “How are your studies going?” You obviously say, “They are going great; I study 12 hours a day.” But in your heart, you know that you only study 1 or maybe 2 hours a day and waste the rest of your time on porn, T.V, or social media. By lying about your studies, you are not fooling your parents, but you are fooling yourself.

Stop wasting your precious time on things that are not important and stop ruining your life by lying about things that are. If your problem is a lack of courage or fear of failure, then take risks in life. Life is all about trying new things, life is all about taking risks. Avoid all distractions like Porn, Social Media, Lust, Laziness. The only way to change your life is to realize that it’s your life, and lying to yourself is only going to ruin it.

“You can lie to anyone in the world, but you cannot lie to yourself.”



The Message –

Stop lying to yourself that you are not ready. Nobody in this world ever feels 100% ready when they set out to do something. Stop lying to yourself that you cannot compete against others, just believe in yourself, and give your 100%. Stop wasting your time making excuses about why you cannot do it. Instead, just do it.

Try new things, make mistakes, because making mistakes while trying something is ten times better than not trying. If you will never try, then you will never know whether you can do it or not.

If you want to be successful, then be honest with yourself. Have the desire to achieve your goals and give all that you’ve got. Everything you want will come to you, just work hard and keep going. Each and every one of us can achieve massive success, but for that, we have to show true dedication towards our work.

If you have wasted much of your time till now, then don’t worry. Start today, as every day, is a new beginning.


Stay true to yourself! Stay Motivated! 


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