Life is a one time opportunity to do whatever you want to do. So, why waste your precious life regretting, instead you should get up and start working for what you want. Regretting and reminiscing about things you don’t have will only give you stress and depression, nothing else. If you are regretting  something then you are only wasting your precious time. Just imagine how much you can achieve if you use that time to work hard on your dreams rather than regretting about things or opportunities that you don’t have. But you keep on regretting : Why I don’t have this? Why does this happen to me? Blaa blaa…



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I know you have a dream inside you. People say you cannot achieve it but don’t listen to them. Take action in life or regret whole life. Forget everything because you have only one life to prove yourself, you have only one life to make your legacy. Don’t cry if your love left you for something, just work hard and show that his/her decision was wrong. Everybody dies but only legends die with pride.



It is your life wake up and grab the opportunities and cash them for your dreams. Just like planes are built to fly in the sky, every person is built to live their dreams. The serial killer of the dreams is doubt, so just kick it out of your life. Life is a struggle, there is no such thing as a smooth mountain. Regretting or reminiscing will not fulfill your dreams and you will not get you anywhere in life. You cannot go back in the past and change anything but you can definitely change your future by living in the present and working for your future. Our biggest regret is not for the things we did but for the things we did not do in life.



ABRAHAM LINCOLN, one of the most influential man who ever lived has failed 13 times in his life but even after all that, he never sat back. He kept on moving forward and never regretted about his failures and finally, in 1860 he was elected as the president of AMERICA.



Impossible is nothing, you were created limitless. You can achieve anything that you desire in life. Never regret anything bad that happened in your life because regretting will not change what happened, just take it as a motivation and work hard to change your circumstances. Never regret anything in life because you are the result of your actions and your decisions that you took in your life and only the actions and decisions you take today have the power to make you the person you want to become. Never give up on something you really want.

Be positive and be grateful in life for the things you have.




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