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We love the iPad Pro, but for most people the standard 9.7-inch iPad is the best choice. The timeless design remains, as does the high-resolution screen, intuitive software and huge collection of apps. No platform can compete when it comes to apps designed specifically for tablets.

The 2018 edition supports the Apple Pencil, adding one of the Pro’s key features at a fraction of the price. Add a Bluetooth keyboard and you have a capable alternative to a laptop and 4G versions give you the ultimate freedom to work anywhere.

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The Kindle Paperwhite (£120) isn’t the most advanced e-reader, but it does everything you need.

The built-in light gives you perfect clarity in any light and the 300ppi screen is pleasantly sharp and detailed. It lacks water resistance, but unless you love to read in the bath then you won’t miss that feature.

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Q Acoustics is one of the best kept secrets in audio. The company has been producing high-quality speakers at competitive prices for years, and its M3 soundbar is a perfect example.

Its compact and elegant design will fit neatly under any TV, regardless of whether you mount the M3 on a shelf, in a cabinet or on the wall. Thankfully setup couldn’t be easier, ensuring maximum performance with minimum fuss, and it includes Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity, with the latter supporting Audio Return Channel (ARC).

Most importantly the audio performance is excellent, delivering a room-filing sound with decent bass thanks to a built-in subwoofer. As a result the M3 can handle whatever you throw at it, whether it’s a new TV show, the latest movie or even your favourite music playlist.


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The Samsung Galaxy S9+ (£869) fits a 6.2-inch display into a shell that feels, well, normal. Granted, it doesn’t look that different to the Galaxy S8+, but Samsung’s hardware design is still ahead of most rivals.

It shrugs off a few trends too. There’s a headphone jack, now a baffling rarity in new and expensive phones, and no notch. The most important change since the S8+ is a 2x zoom camera on the back, bringing it in line with the iPhone X. Samsung also followed Apple with its AR Emojis, but like a middle-aged uncle suddenly getting into grime music, it’s all faintly embarrassing.

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Apple offers loads of 4K and HDR movies through iTunes for the same price as its normal HD content, making this streaming box a no-brainer for viewers that want to stream the highest-quality films.

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These over-ear headphones borrow planar magnetic driver tech from the much pricier Oppo PM-1 headphones (£350), and the end result is a well-balanced sound with good detail across the frequency range. The light and comfy design makes them ideal for commutes or long listening sessions at home.

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Every pixel in this 55-inch OLED screen from LG (£1,699) produces its own light, delivering a huge contrast range with ample helpings of brightness and colour. The thin design and simple operating system makes this screen a cinch to use and easy on the eye, even when it’s off.

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The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 are ideal running shoes for beginners. They’re designed for comfort first and foremost and have great cushioning – handy if your feet are just getting used to running. They’re available in a variety of styles for men and women and weigh in at just 285g.

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