Our past generation told us that we are the worst generation so far. We have no respect for our culture, We live in our own fantasy world, our relationships/marriages are failing or what not, but I think this is not a complete picture.

I think our generation is better than our old ones.

Yes, we drink, we smoke or probably do everything which is wrong according to our Orthodox society but atleast we don’t believe in castism and discrimination and other tabboos.

We don’t think a girl in her periods is unpure or a boy who cry is weak. We accept everyone.

For us, homosexuality is not a disorder!

Most of our parents often say “what your generation is doing, probably wasting your life” or “why your generation is confused about everything like career or relationships”.

Yes, we are probably wasting our lives and confused about everything, but atleast we are living our own life atleast it is our life not the one decided by someone else, full of regrets. Obviously we regret our decision *most of the times* but atleast they are *our decisions* and we learn from them gradually.

We put our opinions and raise our voices.

We have the freedom to choose our own careers, to live the type of lives we want.

Ohh yes, the major problem our society has with our generation “we don’t value relationships”.

Our Marriages are failing, divorce rates are high, every other day we fall for someone and every other day we have a breakup.

I agree our generation doesn’t know old school romance but atleast most of us don’t settle for toxic relationships .

But let’s face it , women of the 21st century are clear about what they want and what they don’t. Feminism is the new fashion and thus, as a women we have brains to think for the betterment of our lives.

It is an old saying that says “we should respect our elders”  but Don’t you think this saying is wrong. I mean just because some people are born way earlier than us we should respect them even when they misbehave with us kids. Respect should be given to those who respect us!

I will conclude here by saying that though we are a bunch of weird people carrying our own storms but atleast we don’t give a damn about “LOG KYA KAHENGE”.


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