How to overcome depression without any meds?


According to an estimate, at 36%, which is the highest rate of depression anywhere on the globe, India is the most depressed country in the world. A recent study indicates that one of every four adolescents will have an episode of major depression during high school with the average age of onset being 14 years.

The term depression is often misunderstood as the feeling of sadness or being upset. It is required to understand that depression is just another ailment and is more than feeling low or being sad. As we have symptoms and cures for the physical ailment, similarly this is a mental ailment which is treatable.

Depression simply affects how you feel about yourself and makes life more troublesome to manage from day to day.

Over a 100 thousand people on an average kill themselves in India every year, the primary reason being depression due to parental conflicts, failure in exams, no family support, or unsuccessful relationships. Some students face certain obstacles like constant pressure to excel.

Never forget that it takes a great deal to plan your goal but it only takes courage to stand up to the difficulties and achieve that goal.

In today’s world, we confront stress and tension with every new project or situation. Young adults particularly students become overwhelmed by such situations and sometimes withdraw due to the fear of failure. Stress should not be seen as a problem, instead, as a motivator to work hard and achieve goals. But this stress experienced by the teenagers can be traumatizing and dangerous. Overburdening of stress can lead to anxiety  which in turn results in depression.

If at any point of time in your life you feel depressed or any sort of negativity fills your head then always try to capture the beautiful moments you had with your family, your friends, and people whom you love.


In this article, I am providing you some practical solutions to overcome depression in life, so just take a deep breath and start reading.


Take help of others:


Do not hesitate while seeking help. Instead of staying lonely and confined in a private and isolated condition, get out from under the dark shadows and talk to people including your teachers, your parents, and your friends. The more you communicate with people around you, the more you will build strong relationships with people, and you may feel more comfortable to share your sensitive issues with some of them thus lifting a burdon from your heart and overoming your depression.

” Asking for help does not mean that you have failed, it just means that you are not alone.”



Discover the problem which is causing depression:


There are many opportunities to find help for diagnosis and treatment for depression. You just need to focus more and be more sensitive. Self-awareness and self-discovery are the two factors that are of great help to cure the ailment. Be honest with you. Before taking a medication ask yourself these questions:-

Is it sadness or depression that I am suffering from?

Does it happen often or is it happening for the first time?

What makes me happy and excited?

What is my goal and what can I do right now to achieve that goal?

” You can only give your best to others when you are in touch with the best in yourself”

  -Hardik Khandelwal 


Eat healthy foods:


Never skip your meal. Regular meals will keep your blood sugar stable and reduce the mood swings. Try to exercise and do meditation every morning. This will keep your mind and body active and fit.

Communicate with the fear and danger. Do not give up and don’t feel like this is happening only to you. Help enhance your life with certain values like connection, empathy, and love.

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Find medical help:

Health professionals and services are available to help you overcome depression, also information and tips on what could be done to cure the problem is also available on the internet. A mental health professional such as a Psychiatrist is a better choice for therapy. There are many ways to find a psychiatrist. The most suitable way is to contact your family doctor who may be able to provide a referral.

A list of licensed credential providers is available with National mental health organizations. For treatment with a nominal cost, look for the community mental health clinics.


The Message:-

If you want to die you only need a drop of poison; but to live, you need a whole lot of struggle. No one achieved success without working hard. Do not fear to lose because the more you work hard, the more success you will achieve. Every person has to struggle and face the obstacles that lie in the path to success. A person has to go through a number of hardships to reach his/her goal, but once the hardships and difficulties are crossed, it makes a person stronger and confident in life.

“You may be scared while walking on the dark roads, but once you are finished crossing the darkness, there will be a world full of bright light waiting for you.”


Watch this motivational video on how to overcome depression.



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