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Every living beings on this planet undergoes pain. No one can escape from getting hurt. Human beings especially are bound to emotions. Hence mankind is called as the “Social mammals” since no person could survive without “LOVE”. Each and every soul demands to be LOVED. But when expectations increase, there comes disappointments. Each individual’s interests differ. One person may not agree with what the other person thinks. It all depends on the interest of each person. No one can interfere with others life. But too much depending on others and letting others judge you and listening to other’s judgements make you get disappointed. This is the major cause for “PAIN”. The superficial pains can be cured with medications, but not the pains caused due to expectations really be cure so easily. It all depends on how much pain you are ready to bear and how it makes you strong. The only cure for such a pain is “ACCEPTING THE PAIN”.

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The greatest thing which a person can get is “Being trusted” rather than “Being loved”. Even if we love our parents, we cannot share all the things we go through. Hence we search for another trust worthy person were we could share our feelings and find a solution for any of the troubles we face. Hence First comes TRUST and then comes LOVE. 

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Only if you are ready to give a person a special place in your life for sharing all your feelings there starts love. Love can be for anyone in any form. You love your best friend, you love your siblings, you love your parents, you love your partner. But the real problem starts where you start to expect more love from them and you find that their love is not to your expectations level. When you expect from others, you naturally invest some trust on them that they might live you more than you do love them. But when your trust breaks there, your heart breaks.


The one thing I would stress is that your enemy is not a STRANGER, it is Your own FRIEND. Someone suddenly don’t come to you and declare themselves as your enemy. It is your own friends who feels disagreeing to most of your opinions and starts distancing themselves from you. As people tell that Life is a Stage and we all are ACTORS, people around you are GOOD ACTORS. They can fake their smile, fake their affection, fake their identity sometimes. People are always ready to make use of you and your valuable time and let you worry that you have been used. It’s not that your expectations hurt you, but it is the trust you keep on them. The same friend whom you trusted and shared everything shares all your secrets with everyone else. People’s priorities change time to time and day to day. So better you don’t give priority to anyone other than YOURSELF.

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When you are betrayed first, you feel depressed, you feel shattered, you feel suicidal too. But one thing you have to realise is that trusting others must be done carefully. It is a big confidential task which you should assign only to few people. Once when you come to know that you have been betrayed, you might definitely feel low. But when you get used to people, you really become conscious of what is happening around you. You should always be sportive. Take things lightly. When terrible things happen to you, just see that it is a small thing and you have a lot to see in life. Everything is so small in this world. A lake is smaller than a river, a river is smaller than a sea, a sea is smaller than a ocean, a ocean is smaller than this planet, the planet is smaller in the Universe and it goes on. So each problems that comes in your life is smaller than the problem which is yet to come. Hence you are expected to face the smaller problems and get prepared to face the next bigger trouble that is awaiting.

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Strength don’t come all of a sudden. It is a process which demands more mouldings, trouble factors, disappointments etc., Take each and every celebrity you know and examine their life history. Each one of them must have gone a hell lot of problems, betrayals from almost all the sides say from family, relationship, friendships etc., but the reason for their familiarity apart from their success in their career is that they must have known how to evolve as the strongest through the pain they went through. Even after they had reached heights , they will be facing certain shortcomings but it all never bothers them not because of their familiarity but because of their sportive quality. And if you want to become the strongest be sportive, be ready to face anything.


When you keep getting exposed to more number of problems, you will develop the wit to overcome it and also you will develop the courage naturally. The more pain you undergo, the more stronger you become. You needn’t wait for others to give you suggestions about what you do. You are here not for getting to know what others think about what you do, but only to do what you like. Life is temporary and it is also full of temporary people. So why do you want to rely on them for each and everything. Don’t chase love or don’t ever beg to be loved. Love must be given by the deserved one to the deserved person in a deserved amount. So be very limited in the number of people you trust. It can be many number of people you talk with but only few number of people you trust upon. Better invest in yourself and love yourself so that you don’t need to seek love from outside. 

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In this temporary world, live with a permanent love for yourself. After all life is full of problems and everyone gets different problems every time, no one could be motivated to live without any problems but only could learn how to live over problems.


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