Part-2 of Expensive Mercedes-Benz cars.

This is the part-2 of the top 10 expensive Mercedes-Benz cars in the world. 

Number 5

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2013 mercedes-benz AMG vision Gran Turismo concept price 3 million dollars. The 2013 mercedes-benz AMG vision Gran Turismo concept is a beautiful stylish masterpiece of Engineering it’s the brand’s answer to the BMW vision Gran Turismo that was introduced at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show it has an impressive design language that’s being described as aggressive its exhaust system consists of eight and pipes and its engine is taken from the outstanding AMG tradition what makes it more of a spectacle is it was designed for the 6th installment of the popular Grand Turismo video game franchise it also comes in at 3 million dollars.

Number 4

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The 1991 mercedes-benz C 112 concept price three million dollars, first a bit of history in the 1960s and 1970s mercedes-benz was hard at work designing an experimental series of automobiles that would feature all the newest technology of the time it was a daring project and continued to inspire new designs for years however it wasn’t until 1991 the company would introduce the 91 Mercedes Benz C 112 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show many would say that this supercar that came as a result was well worth the wait the car is light silver with a black leather interior it also has to be mentioned that this one has one heck of a spoiler that needs to be seen to be believed it can be raised or lowered to the drivers taste the car can reach up to 155 miles per hour which may not be the fastest but surely is quick enough it can go from zero to 60 and 4.3 seconds and has a manual 6-speed transmission.

Number 3

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The 1999 mercedes-benz vision SLR concept price three million dollars. The stunning 1999 mercedes-benz vision SLR concept has a silver exterior with a brown and silver interior it can go from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds and features a top speed of 199 miles per hour all of this is standard from what we’ve come to expect from mercedes-benz so here are the things that sets it apart enough to give it the three million dollar price tag it’s a product of a study into the GranTurismo for the 21st century which seeks to combine the best elements of the f1 silver arrow and the SLR sports car that was standard for the 1950s the car has the typical arrow shaped nose and double spoilers of the Formula One it also has been given the dual headlights typical of mercedes-benz.

Number 2

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The SLR McLaren red-gold dreamed price 8 to 10 million dollars, we know it’s subjective but the SLR McLaren red-gold dream might be the most stunning car ever produced made in 2011 it’s finished with real gold and rubies in case it wasn’t opulent enough on its own extravagance seeps in from every pore of this car from its front spoiler to its 15,000 euro taillights sometimes the line between class and crass is quite thin and not everyone at the company was thrilled with the results the car also has extroverted side skirts and tailpipes covered in 24 karat gold the massive rear spoiler itself provides for 175 pounds of downforce the interior is covered in gold and it features gold rims as well so there’s Gold everywhere you look on this thing one neat feature of the SLR McLaren red gold dream is its removable glass roof that can be stowed in the area behind the rear window because the car is so extravagantly valuable it offers GPS tracking and a 2-mile radar warning it also has a supercharged 4.5 liter v8 engine which can go up to 1,000 horsepower and it travels up to 217 miles per hour all of this for eight to ten million dollars number one the 1954 Mercedes Formula One race car price thirty million dollars.

Number 1

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Most expensive Mercedes Benz out there it might not be the most practical car in the world but some wealthy individual out there owns the original 1954 Mercedes Formula One race car the market price of this car changes like the stock market but has an average value of thirty million dollars however for many Mercedes Benz and historic racing aficionados this car is worth every bit of that price and more as it broke a new Formula one record while being driven by Juan Manuel Fangio the car was fantastic for its time and our time as well it’s won nine of the twelve races it’s entered and it won the only two world championships it was ever entered in unfortunately it experienced a crash that year and was never registered in races again interestingly enough the car got it’s a v12 engine from a German World War two fighting plane there’s only one privately owned model out there with the rest currently residing in museums or on mercedes-benz territory.

so what do you think , would you be willing to fork over some serious cash to own a premium mercedes-benz like those mentioned in this post if so which of the cars from our list would be your dream car let us know in the comments.

And as always for sticking with us all the way to the end of the post here’s your bonus.

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The popemobile is a mercedes-benz mercedes-benz has provided transportation for the Pope and the Vatican going back roughly 80 years now both Pope Francis and the previous Pope Benedict the seventh drove a mercedes-benz m-class SUV the name of the Pope’s vehicle has colloquially been known as the popemobile bulletproof glass is used and is especially crucial given the attempted assassination of pope john paul ii back in 1981.


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