Finding out the ‘WHY’ in your life

Technically, passion refers to a feeling of intense enthusiasm desiring for something


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What to do and what not to do in your life? A question of uttermost importance for today’s youth. Let’s start by positioning you as a DC of a district, ever gave a thought to be one? Yes, indeed, who wouldn’t like to be at such a powerful position in administration. But did you ever start preparing for it, with all the seriousness? Congrats to those who mumbled yes and for those who answered “NO” in their mind, this article aims to widen your scope of exploring things.

If you never started preparing for it then how will you know whether it was your passion or not? Ever tried ice skiing? If not, then how will you know whether it is your passion or not?

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Problem is, most of us limit ourselves to, “I don’t know”. Without even giving it a try.

If you would ever had the opportunity to visit a government office anytime in your life, most of the time it must have come to your conscience that, “Oh man, i know so much more than him, how come is he even eligible for this position, he doesn’t even know basics or his intellectual level is so much lower than mine, yet he is sitting there, how?” That indeed is true but the truth is where you didn’t even apply for the exam of that post, he already did started preparing for it months ago.

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You wanted to accomplish a goal; you could have done it in a month easily. Another person took 3 years to do the same task, yet he succeeded in it and you didn’t. Wonder why? Because you didn’t even start! You missed the train! He was passionate about it, started working hard for it and accomplished it.


By the time we humans get to 21 or rather 20, we realize that all these years of learning are of no use, once when you’re out on the field. Most of us have even figured out what we want to become, but ever gave a second and deep thought to it and asked yourself again that “Why you want to be that?” I guess no. This is because we have limited ourselves to live completely normal lives, get a government job by 24 settle down, earn a decent income then fulfill your parents expectations (of-course of marrying someone) have kids and have a comfortable retired life.

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This is rather a social or societal thinking of an average human being prevalent not only through India but through world, it’s not a wrong thing but rather it’s present only because of our basic human nature. Human beings by nature are very insecure beings; everyone wants to be secure financially a.s.a.p. (which indeed is a good thing). For e.g.; if i am teacher, i took up this career because my mom dad wanted my life to be secure and then settle down, marry someone and then lay eggs for next generation to crop up. I didn’t take up this profession to help students understand better and to invent new ways to make students intellect more extra-ordinary or to help society, to find new and easy ways of learning etc.


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Find out the basic reason why you want to become what you want to become, once you find out why you want to become and have passion for that things, you will enjoy doing what others just do with a lethargic attitude and just to pass their day. You will achieve great success and will be recognized by millions.

People easily get deceived by things which will give them recognition, money and power. Rather than working for their interest passionately. Why in India, cricket is the most favorite sport? Why most people in India wants to play cricket? Because they have passion for it? NO, because it will satisfy two basic needs, recognition and money! Why does people in Brazil don’t want to play cricket instead they want to play soccer? Same is the case there. After knowing what you want to become, you will find out ‘why’ you’ll excel in your life, whether you become an entrepreneur, a shopkeeper, an IAS officer, or a manager etc.


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The people, who are lazy and corrupt, are also working in public offices at their respective jobs, without any workload. Even though when you were in school, for a lot of teachers you must have felt this that they don’t teach well or don’t know how to make us learn it effectively, yet they were there sitting at professor’s level. This would have happened so many times in our life in different scenarios.

Take for example, a wood piece and a dead body, both of them will always float on water, along with the flow of water both will eventually reach on banks of the river but in the end when they will reach there, there won’t be any identity of their own. The only persons at the end recognized will be the ones who will swim. THOSE WHO SWIM, NOT FLOAT!

If you want to create an identity then you need to swim, else the clock is already ticking and you are already headed towards the bank. Remember, life can be passed by doing nothing too, but to make your life which goes according to you, which you can lead, you will live to the fullest, you need to swim and often against the waves.


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A doubt creates creative people. When you have a doubt you are thinking out of bounds, out of the box. If people would have never doubted the capabilities of maruti 800 then we wouldn’t have invented far more superior and comfortable cars. Someday, someone thought of increasing its speed, after that he realized if AC can be fit into the compartment, then thought of giving it advanced suspension. It was only because of doubt that innovation took place. It is not important that you need to replace the whole model of the car; rather you just need to modify it a bit.

For e.g.; during the advent of internet, mail services were already present such as and yahoo mail, but yet Google was successfully able to become the best mail service provider in the world. How? It didn’t change the whole frame of mails rather there were just few modifications to make it look neat, clean and easy to use, which certainly made it best to use.

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A lot of people don’t try to dig into new things thinking more about failures and less about success, but ever did it came to your mind that in medical profession how many experiments are yet going on to discover new medicines every day? Someone made paracetamol too, to swipe away flu, but whoever invented it, the ingredients of that medicine didn’t came to him in a dream and next morning it was ready, the person faced a lot of failed experiments discovering a medicine to get done with fever.

Do you know who invented world’s first talking doll? It use to talk in such a horrible manner, leave kids aside even adults used to get scared of it. But who was the creator of it? Thomas Alva Edison! The same person who invented first ever bulb, but no one knows him by his failure of that doll but only by the success of his bulb. A man is known for his success but not for his failures. 


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A simple straight answer would be, because you can fail, your failure reputation is not that great at this stage, it is indeed more for the persons who already are successful. If Mark Zuckerberg fails today and Facebook crumbles, would that be more important or the initial failures he had during the start of Facebook would be more important? During initial phases all have to get down and dirty into mud. So don’t be scared of failing. Keep your life as simple as possible.

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A lot of time in life you will see ups and down, not every moment will be same, everyone faces it. Just as a heartbeat monitor shows graph of ups and downs line, such ups and downs will always be present in life too, this indeed shows that a person is alive if they are not present in someone’s life then re-call the example of Floating wood and dead body.


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Everyone must have heard of the story where a race between a rabbit and tortoise takes place. A bit of the highlight is drawn on the conclusion part.

After reaching the finishing point the rabbit starts arguing with tortoise saying that tortoise cheated and he won, tortoise disagrees to the same and states that he is the winner, both of them get into a fist fight, a conflict having arisen between the two, both approaches king of the wild, “The lion”, where lion tries to explain to them in a deceitful manner. Lion asks them who is the mightiest in the entire universe, both of their answers match, “The Sun”, now the lion again asks that who will be mightier if cloud cover comes? Both agrees that cloud is more powerful and then once again lion raises the question that what if wind blows away the clouds? Both of them again nod in acceptance to the power of wind.

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Now, lion talked to them “that every person has an equal importance regarding his abilities and his traits this is why we have interdependence, a prime example would be of food chain. If rabbit wants to go across the river then he can sit on the back of tortoise and tortoise can carry him to help him reach his destination, if tortoise wants to send a message swiftly to somewhere then he can ask rabbit to deliver it.

So the thing you must engrave in your head is. If everyone says, I want to be first then not everyone is made for coming out on top. Don’t feel bad about it, but it shouldn’t be taken in that way that we shouldn’t work hard. Some people with you might get a job sooner than you, this shouldn’t dishearten you.  


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