PAUL ALLEN: Unknown Founder Of Microsoft 

He met Bill Gates when they were both in High School. They bonded over their passion for computers. 

Allen was highly intelligent

And he realized that University won’t improve any of his skills. 

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Each Failure Contains The Seeds Of Your Next Success – If You Are Willing To Learn From It  -PAUL ALLEN

Any Crusade Requires Optimism And The Ambition To Aim High  -PAUL ALLEN

He decided to drop out & work as a programmer. But that couldn’t satisfy him enough for long. 

As he realized that that he could build something better on his own. 

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I Enjoy  Creating New Ideas, Working On New Creative Projects  -PAUL ALLEN

He decided to quit his job and even convinced his friend Bill Gates to drop out too. 

They both saw the rise of personalized computers. And started Building software for well known companies.

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I’m Very Private Person That Prefers A Low Profile  -PAUL ALLEN

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The Possible Is Constantly Being Redefined, And I Care Deeply About Helping Humanity Move Forward  -PAUL ALLEN

Due to their rising frame .

Bill Gates was able to land a contract with IBM saying that they had already done half the before hand. But in reality they hadn’t even started it yet. 

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Over 20 Years Ago, Even Before I Helped To Co-found Microsoft,I Saw a Connected Future. . . I Called That Future ‘The Weird World’  -PAUL ALLEN

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We Looked More Carefully At Our Emergency Generator And Our Capability To Provide Uninterrupted Power If We Lost Power  -PAUL ALLEN

At that time of immense pressure.  .  .

Allen came up with genius idea to buy & fix an already existing software & sell it to IBM. 

This move turned out to be hugely profitable. And provided a platform for Microsoft Windows. 

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We’ve Had Some Tough Times But We’ve Hung In There  -PAUL ALLEN

But just when the things were getting better. 

Allen was diagnosed with Cancer. And at the young age of 30, he decided to retire. 

Allen effectively left Microsoft in 1982. He officially resigned from his position on the Microsoft board of directors in November 2000 but was asked to consult as a senior strategy advisor to the company’s executives and still own a reported 100 million shares. 

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I’m  Always Interested In Finding Ways To Innovate. . . It’s A Blend: It’s Not A Point Focus  -PAUL ALLEN

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It Is A Part Of Our Heritage And Part Of The Landscape  -PAUL ALLEN

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He founded Vulcan.Inc which handles his multi-billion-dollar investment portfolio including technology and Media Companies, Real Estateholdings, and Stakes in other companies. He owns two professional sports teams : Seatle Seaharks of the National Football League and the National Basketball Association. 

He is the founder of Allen Institute for Brain Science, Institute for Artificial intelligence, Institute for Cell Science, Stratolaunch systems that are doing awesome research work with 100S of millions of dollars. 

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Technology Is So Notorious For Engrossing People So Much That They Don’t Always Focus On Balance And Enjoy Life At The Same Time  -PAUL ALLEN

Today Allen has a Net Worth of $20 billion. 



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