Pedl Bicycle Rental Service in Bengaluru

Cycling is popular in Bengaluru, and it’s quite common to see middle-aged people in full safety gear on bikes on the roads. The college students we met are wearing regular clothes, and just a simple helmet, but they say that for the stretch that they travel, there have been no difficulties in getting around on bicycles.

Bengaluru-based car-rental startup Zoomcar has been offering cars that you can rent and drive yourself since it launched in 2012, but it has taken time to build up its fleet of cars. Earlier this year, Zoomcar talked about its IoT platform, and unveiled its co-buying platform to ramp up the number of cars on board. Now, the company is also in the process of rolling out a bicycle rental service, called Pedl.

Pedl is available in a number of different locations, largely in HSR Layout for now. You can get the bicycles from the BDA complex, 27th Main Road, Sai Mandir, Aston Service Apartment, the W store, Petoo restaurant, and more locations.

Price- 1 rupees / half an hour 

How to book – At the Pedl location, the staff is helpful about making the booking and you can get started very quickly. You need to give your ID, and share your phone number, and pay the fee depending on how long you plan to use the bike and after that you can get rolling. We were told that in case of any damages you are liable, and if you don’t return the bicycle there is a fine to be paid depending on the delay. However, the team at the pickup point weren’t able to share any information on expansion plans, or when Zoomcar will expand Pedl beyond HSR Layout. 


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