Places to Enjoy before getting married!

The last trip might be best spent with family and friends. Then again, this might be the last few cherishable moments in one’s own company. Whether you’re looking for a true escape or a final huzzah, here 5 of the best places to go before you get hitched.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the destination of choice if you want to seize the bull by the horns and immerse yourself in a cultural experience. It’s a great destination for solo travelers because the opportunities for new experiences are endless. If you want to indulge spur of the moment whims that are yours and yours alone, head to Bangkok for that last chance to do so. The country is a travel hub of Southeast Asia, so you could theoretically explore the capital one day and hop on a train to who-knows-where the next. The city is full of so many sights, sounds and places to explore that you might not even remember that you’re traveling alone. Bangkok, City of Angels and the Venice of the East, would undoubtedly be a memorable solo trip for bachelors and bachelorettes with a date on the horizon.

Goa, India

If there is any place on the face of the earth that needs no introduction, it is none other than Goa. Suitable for all type of travelers, Goa has been gaining popularity as one of the best solo female travel destinations, off late. For those who are looking forward to chilling at the best of beaches, enjoy the never-ending nightlife, and experience a laid-back lifestyle, must have Goa on their bucket list places in India. Must Experience: Chill at Curlies beach shack in Anjuna and go kayaking in the villages of North Goa.

Oslo, Norway

Looking to “find yourself” before the big day? Norway, in general, is a top destination for solo travel, particularly for females, though both genders will find it beautiful, affordable and exceptionally friendly. The capital city is sure to make any foodie smile – the Michelin food guide 2014 awarded five stars among four restaurants here: Ylajali, Statholder garden, and Fauna each received one star each, while Maeemo held onto two stars. Plus, travelers on a budget can stay in a hostel and walk or use public transportation to get to most places throughout Oslo. There are numerous places to visit, including many great quiet spaces for contemplation. Be sure to check out the amazing art at Vigeland Sculpture Park with its more than 200 pieces of iron, granite, and bronze art.

For that last chance to “find yourself” before the big day, Norway is a top destination for solo travel, especially in terms of safety for females. Though Oslo is a fairly small city, the area is beautiful, affordable and exceptionally friendly. Travellers on a budget can stay in a hostel and walk or use public transportation to get to most places in the city. There are numerous places to visit in town, but more importantly, some great quiet spaces to sit and think.

A Road Trip From Manali To Leh

You feel like a free-spirit. Nothing beats the experience of discovering Ladakh and re-discovering yourself,” says HolidayIQ Traveller Nitin from Delhi.The Manali-Leh Highway scenario gives the excitement of planning, adventure, and bliss while riding and lifetime memories after the ride.

Ibiza, Spain

To throw the most epic bachelor or bachelorette party ever, Ibiza, Spain is the perfect destination. This party ’til you drop destination is one of the five Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain and is well known throughout Europe for its lively nightlife.

You’ll find lots of incredible sights and culture, as well as fun in the sun during the day, and after dark, practically an endless number of fantastic restaurants, bars, and clubs.


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