The greatest power in the world is the power of desire. Desire has limitless power. If you have a strong desire to achieve something then nothing can stop you from achieving that.

We all want a number of things in our life, but wanting and desiring for something are two different things. If you think money will give you freedom, security and health then your real desire is freedom, security, and health. It means, you only want money to fulfill your desires and money is not your desire.

So to achieve those things do not desire money, instead desire freedom, security and health and you will be showered with those things in your life.

Desire can take out any person from depression. It can motivate a person towards achieving his/her goal. Desire fills a person with limitless internal motivation which is the most powerful motivation in the world. Our mind is full of desires, if we fulfill one, another one takes its place. It means as soon as we fulfill one of our desires, we start thinking about our new desires and if there is no desire inside a person then there would no longer be any reason for him/her to do anything.



Desire has unlimited powers, have you ever wondered why some people with the worst past end up creating the best future? It is all because of desire.

Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in the 2008 Olympics. In 2006 he got his hand fractured and the doctors advised him not to swim but his desire for Olympics’ gold medal made him victorious against all odds.

Most people either lose their desire to succeed or don’t have the desire to succeed. Desire fuels your way to success. If you do not have a desire for your goal then you cannot achieve your goal. A goal without a desire is like a car without fuel. Likewise, you cannot reach your destiny.

Bill Gates had a strong desire to have a computer in every home in the world and because of his strong desire, he fulfilled his dream. Desire has the power to make impossible things possible.




When you have a strong desire then you have the power to fulfill it. Use that power to direct your mind and subconscious mind to achieve your goal. We all have heard a number of stories in which people who lose the will and desire to live, die early than those who have a desire to live.

STEVE JOBS died on 5 Oct 2011. He had been battling cancer for 2 decades. Prominent doctors who treat pancreatic cancers say that the expected lifetime for people diagnosed with the type of cancer that Job had is 3 to 6 months but Steve lived for 20 years! What did Steve do right? It was the strong and burning desire to change the world that made him fight the disease and survive.

If you have a goal but don’t have a desire to achieve your goal then you probably chose the wrong goal or you do not have a strong reason to achieve that goal and it means you are headed in a wrong direction.

When you have a desire in life than to fulfill it you should think about that desire every second of your life. But remember think only about the right desires because desire is like a seed, you reap what you sow.

Your words, actions, and thoughts should not conflict with your desire. If they are in a conflict with each other then you will never succeed.




First of all, you should have a positive attitude in life if you want to fulfill your desire. Then the second thing is, you should believe that it is possible for you to achieve your goal. Suppose you have a desire to be a billionaire in one year. But if you yourself believe that it is impossible, then, of course, you cannot achieve it.

Mark Zuckerberg believed that he could be a billionaire by the age of 23. At the age of 20, he created FACEBOOK and after three years of its launch, he became the world’s youngest billionaire.

BILL GATES believed that he could be a billionaire by the age of 30 and at the age of 29, he achieved his goal.

You must realize that anything and everything is possible once you set your mind to it. To be successful, have a goal, believe that you can achieve it. Have a strong burning desire for that goal and you will realize how easy it is to achieve your goals.





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