Importance of customer service and effective communication


“Hello, I am told that you are my new banker. It keeps on changing every six months. Can you help me? I don’t have my internet banking password. I need to pay an amount to my friend, she is in Bangalore, her college fees is due and today is the last date to submit.”

“Sure Mam”, I replied, I asked for her debit card number, helped her reset the password, added a beneficiary to her account, and she made the payment.

“Wow! Thank you so much! You solved my problem”, she said.

Next day, I got a call saying you are our Relationship manager, “I am Khanna here, yesterday my daughter-in-law came to you and you helped without knowing her. It rarely happens in your bank, I am very impressed by you, can you come to my office? I have some surplus funds, I want to do some investments and would like your help.”

This article is for those who are struggling due to ineffective communication and customer relationship in corporate or multi-national companies or even in businesses or start-ups.


Why are customer service and effective communication important?

78% of consumers bail on a transaction or do not make an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.

Read- 75 interesting facts about customers satisfaction.

Effective communication between Organization & Customers has an enormous effect on customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Let’s understand it this way:

Any business remains profitable when it is benefited with the shape of the triangle. The customer, staff & the company are the vertices of the triangle.

You cannot afford to break this chain.

Physical communication, telecommunication, and Internet communication are the prominent solutions to build up trust and relationship.


The most important one is the physical communication:

customer satisfaction

During my tenure with a bank as a personal banker, I learned that the bank wants an employee to follow a process and that is to meet every single customer in the assigned database once in a quarter of a year.

Email, telecom are also good ways but physical meeting & feedback origin can’t be ignored.

“Handholding of your client is the key to success in any business.”



Communication gap arises when we stop engaging with the customer, when we stop caring about the problems of the customer, when we don’t care about follow-ups & don’t reply for an important query.


Tips to meet expectations of a client in customer service:

  • Meet your clients regularly for retention.
  • Be honest in your approach.
  • A client is also a human being like you; understand his/her situation before you offer anything.
  • Constant updates of new happenings will add value to both your client and you.
  • Wishing on birthdays, anniversaries will help sustain the relationship.
  • Wrong commitment is a short-term profit, be transparent, it will pay off.
  • Focus on service, relationship building and business will automatically happen.
  • The clients like reminders on things even if they remember, be proactive and take care.
  • Be humble, and you will be able to leave a lasting impression.
  • Don’t over commit to a client. Under-commit and do more, a client will feel good and trust you more.


Always remember, ‘Whenever a customer is buying something, he always buys from an individual, not from the company.’



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