Priorities on assets rather than fantasies

A damn sure thing which must have happened to you when you go somewhere. When you see a girl, who just immediately starts roaming in your mind and for the entire duration you cannot think of anything but her. Such type of incidents, when they happen at random places becomes a memory which in few days fades away, but when this happens again and again repeatedly, you will find that this will be an obsession.

For example: A professor/teacher of opposite gender in your class in school or college. This is the most common case of going crazy for someone because the attraction is based on prettiness; this is purely sexual therefore to make it about love, your brain over analyzes bullshit details like:

What is she wearing?

She is being too friendly with guys! Etc.,

And therefore you will create hallucinations in your mind about she being a very nice girl and you love her.

Here are the actual facts:

1. You don’t know anything about her.

2. You find her hot.

3. And you cannot stop thinking about her.

These three facts point to a very common desire in men possession, men are genetically interested in owning things of value and are very proud of their possessions for example real estate, cars, collections of absolutely anything.

They are precious, in this case what you don’t understand is that you haven’t been feeling love it’s the same desire acting on wanting to possess the beauty this is the reason why men feel flying in love without having a clue about the girl.

There are times when they don’t even know the name and they’re already obsessed and common sense dictates of all the things that count as pride possessions. This urge to possess beauty is bound to backfire because humans have a mind of their own which is why it is advised to get to know the mind first before going crazy.

But men behave like lunatic idiots, if you see a great ass- you reduce to a masturbating monkey. You are not in love!

If that person disappeared the second day and you had no way of knowing where she is you would be fine, but only when she stays it becomes harmful because day after day you keep obsessing over it making plans thinking about her you’re talking about her jerking off reprogramming your brain falling deeper and deeper into the hole and soon you start having real strong emotions so stop blaming it on love as if it is a real thing.

It is you who is causing this how do you stop that?

1. Learn to admire the beauty and leave it at that

You already know how to do that with paintings, a beautiful view, clothes, design but you have to relearn it with women because unlike paintings and clothes you get to have sex with women sex added with the desire to possess the beauty blocks your mind completely so you’d have to train your emotions like you would train a child, “oh, what a beautiful girl! I wonder…,” 

Nah that’s it, bye bye. Admiration and possession are different things learn to admire and let go of that good feeling Beauty gives you.

2. You need to have something to look forward to in life

You need something serious to overpower the biological urge to get laid. This urge is always lurking if you are a guy who is free most of the time, then you will find no reason to suppress it. FOCUS!

People who are chatting with random girls- their biological urges are contained by their priorities millions of people don’t have that so falling in love automatically becomes their thing, which very well explains why after their break up they say, “I have no reason to live anymore”. Well duh!

3. Stop watching Bollywood and romantic TV shows

Forget that such a thing exists, to replace that content add any other stuff into your life, anything other than love and romance. 

Your mood and desires are dictated by what’s streaming in your mind. For example, if you watch a documentary on a serial killer the entire day you will find yourself talking about it.

4. Upgrade your standards

 A lot of guys fail despite working very hard toward their goals just because you have a goal does not mean you’re upgrading as a person.

For example, You may be doing great at studies but outside of that how are you growing your personality? As a result you feel lonely. Then you get a wrong idea about, “oh that’s because I don’t have a girlfriend”. NO, this is not the problem. Problem is you have no interests, no personal goals, no zeal in becoming smarter, more informed, more skilled.

In our imagination we often see ourselves looking at a certain way, speaking in a certain manner, having knowledge about certain things, imagining having certain skills.

Those are exactly your interests! Go pursue them!

A day goes by pretty quickly if you have things to do you won’t get any time to think about girls.

5. Embrace knowledge and information

The truth is you never gave it a chance, because of its boringness, that’s you judging it from a distance.

Watch a documentary every day about -Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Napoleon. The list is endless, your brain draws the difference between you and them after learning about them. By knowing their story you will not only learn a great deal of things and how such men behave but also fascinating facts about history.  


For the girl who has taken over your mind, remember that you don’t know a single thing about her, you’ll have a problem if she is still friends with her ex, or get drunk a lot.

Think of all the worst things to kill that dumb ass strong feeling working inside of you because once you turned it off, you’ll get more interested in knowing who you are as a person. You have to protect yourself from getting hurt and if it is just a girl that you see every day.

Investing on yourself get to know things read new stuff what content about new things it could be; signs, history, politics but evolve your personality by consuming knowledge.

Reignite that curiosity that you once had as a child!


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